Paczki Recipe

Old Fashion Paczki Recipe

This is the original recipe for producing Paczki recipe that has been brought from Europe by my wife’s grandmother when she first arrive at Ellis Island as well as the onward to Pennsylvania where she finally settled.
Just the age of this recipe happens to be I have no clue but the only thing I know is just how good the paczki’s are.

You is required to follow this recipe exactly or you won’t work well, I know, I have attemptedto create some shortcuts that have been ok and not as good.

This recipe yields 4dozen of the very delicious punczki which you ever had.

Remember all ingredients really should be room temperature.

Paczki Recipe

¾ ounce yeast in ¼ cup warm water
warm ½ quart milk
add on the yeast and warm milk 3 cups flour and let rise for around ½ hour to build what is called a sponge.

2.Put together:

½ quart warm milk
¼ lb. Butter
2 tablespoons shortening
½ cup sugar
2 tablespoons whiskey

3.Mix steps 1 and two with 6 eggs, pinch of salt, 9 cups flour and mix soon you get prednisone a fantastic textured dough.

Paczki Recipe

Let the dough rise until double in space, cut the dough into 2 ounce pieces and form balls.

Place the dough balls with a well oiled flat pan, allow them rise for approximately ½ hour to about ¾ hour.

Fry dough balls in 350 prednisone degree oil until well browned on both sides then put them using a brown paper bag to drain the oil form frying.

Let cool for a short time and fill nizagara having a pastry bag which has a tip with a whole concerning the size of a pencil, roll in sugar or 10x sugar and enjoy having a hot pot of coffee.

You can fill these with prune leckvar or any jellies which you like.