Yoga For Weight Loss – Yoga Tone! Aight, lets be real. The winter months are coming to an end and it’s time to transition from bears to gazelles! Whether you are looking to get comfortable in your swimwear or just more agile to move with the spring breeze let’s start with this 20 min practice that moves us swiftly but mindfully. This 20 minute vinyasa practice is designed to help you build strength and endurance – mindfully. Yoga Tone invites strong breath to help tone the body! Invite your mind and body to start working for you instead of against you. Get strong with regular practice and comfortable in your beautiful body. Stay present. Let’s move!

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  1. I have been watching some of yr yoga videos.. and I thinkg that I will follow them.. I am a pensioner and suffer from Graves Disease.. so my weight is up and down.. and lots of pains too and mood swings.. (I am going on 76  and this trouble has been fund this year in me..) I have followed some already..but I must now actually pay more attention and concentrate on my weight and flexability.. so will follow one day this one and the next day the one to start the day with.. and have a look at the end of March how it is with my weight at the specialist.. I LIKE THE WAY YOU TALK.. not a:''right'' after every other word and a very VERY CALM voice.. which does not grate on my nerves.. AND I CAN HEAR what you are saying!! clear etc.. (I am getting deaf you see .. sigh)

  2. I really loved this practice. I'm not wanting to lose weight but wanted something more strong today so gave this a try <3 I will come back to this practice. Maybe I should also try your other weight loss practices since I hope to find other practices that make me sweat and shake. 😀