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Yoga For Weight Loss & Flexibility Day 1 Workout – Fat Burning 20 Minute Beginners Class

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In this Yoga video workout Day 1, Courtney Bell shares a basic weight loss yoga class. This Yoga for weight loss is yoga for beginners. Beginners yoga will improve flexibility.
Follow along with this 20 minute fat burning workout.

Courtney Bell teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

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  1. I was looking for a guide to weight lifting when I came across this 👀 ow.ly/4iNi30hhyNM 👀 . I wish I had read this years ago! I started lifting weights over 10 years ago, and although I did make some progress, I never knew exactly how to lift the right way to get the most out of it. I always did more cardio than lifting and I realized I needed to gain muscle. Women start losing muscle after age 30, so weight lifting is the perfect way to combat that process. This book has solid advice for not only weight lifting but also nutrition- it's not overly complicated and pretty much anyone can follow it if they are motivated. I had to try out a couple of gyms in my area to make sure they had the equipment I needed but I finally found one. I've been doing the program for a little over 2 weeks and I love it so far. I can tell I'm already getting stronger and I'm looking forward to meeting my goals over the next couple of months. I also love how each workout is planned for you and you just need to make sure you know how to do each exercise beforehand. You're way more likely to stick to a program like this than just going on your own, winging it and wondering why you don't get results.

  2. Felt a lot better after doing this, this was my first yoga class. It must have really relaxed me because I started out yawning in the beginning. I do feel a lot better and hopefully will continue my yoga experience. Thanks!

  3. You talk far too much. It’s really not relaxing when someone is yapping at you and repeating themselves 100 times 😅 just say what you need to do and get on with it!

  4. Thank you so much! You help a lot. I have not sweated like this in years. I want to start ballet again. But I want to be fit. So I decided ill try yoga to help with the weight loss. Thanks again!

  5. I keep seeing comments about how this isn't for beginners but let me tell you I fell behind slightly and had to take a small breaks but I still tried my very best to keep up and I completed it. We can't expect to go from not knowing anything about yoga to being a master of it from our first try. Keep pushing yourselves to be better I know you can all do it!

  6. Courtney you're fabulous. I really love exercising with you. You explain perfectly everything. You're wordefull transmitting something so difficult! Congrats I will continue to practice. I be seen good result……💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  7. That was your informative article, here are a few more tips on how to get fit with yoga…
    Take a deep breath out: Often we equate yoga with some tough poses. And aren't you sometimes concerned that: "I can't even touch my toes, how can I do yoga?" Yoga is not about touching your toes, or stretching 98 degrees to your north-east. It’s a simple process of uniting with yourself – using your breath, body and the mind. And it’s easy and effortless.
    Take the Experts Help to Learn Yoga: If you have a medical condition, inform your yoga instructor prior to the commencement of the training. It will help the teacher customize your yoga posture practice.
    Simple wearing, high thinking: Wear comfortable clothing while going for the yoga class or when practicing yoga at home. Also, avoid wearing belts or excessive jewellery as it could get in the way of yoga practice.
    Wake up at cuckoo’s call: Although it's best to practice yoga postures early morning, if it doesn’t happen, don’t let it be an excuse to not practice yoga at all! You can do it any time of the day as per convenience.
    Smile to take you through the miles: See the difference for yourself. Keeping a gentle smile relaxes the body and mind and helps you enjoy the yoga postures much more.
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Betwans Yoga Blog site )

  8. Who would`ve thought that I has been capable of achieving these fabulous results? I actually never thought in days that I would be able to decrease 7 lbs. Almost all it took was a google search just for this diet “sowo amazing plan” for me to learn all of this. You have to give it a go. Google and study on the topic.

  9. I love your videos but you need to turn off the ads popping up midway through! Can literally think of nothing worse than an advert appearing when you're trying to practice yoga – sooo distracting!!!

  10. The point of it saying it's for beginners is because I actually is. Just because it's a beginning course and this is your first ever time, doesn't mean it's suppose to be easy. You gotta do it daily for a couple weeks and your body will very quickly be able to stretch more and more. You become more and more strong in your core. It's meant to be easy to adjust to for some who has never done it. Y'all cry and give up way too easily, damn.

  11. How do you "draw your energy and awareness down into your belly?" I've been looking at several yoga videos looking for something to compliment my weight training. I've heard many great things about yoga but I'm becoming increasing confused by much of the jargon and 'spiritual' side of the techniques.

  12. I just love this YOGA SITE ON YOU TUBE… 🙂