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I’m starting a new series!! Once a month I will be posting what I made for my work lunches! I’m trying to eat healthy so these should be healthy lunches. I hope some of my ideas inspire you to spice up your normal lunches.

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My name is Bonnie, I’m a 26 years old and a single mom. I have 4 year old twins Hannah & Hailey who were born very premature (micro preemies). Because of that my daughters have alot of healthy problems, one more then the other. My channel is a way for me to share MY experience on my family’s journey dealing with medical problems and the typical family stuff. My daughter Hannah just got her tracheostomy out after over 3 years so we are readjusting to life again. I am also on a weight loss journey, down 42lbs.

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• Sit down video: cannon t5i
• Vlogs: Galaxy s6 or Canon ___
• Editing: Power director 14
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Frequently Asked questions:

-What does your daughter have? She doesn’t have anything. She was born premature and these are the complications from that. Watch this video for more information

-Questions about their dad(aka DB): Watch Please don’t ask for more details.

-Why doesn’t Hannah eat, when will she eat: Watching this video where I explain why she doesn’t eat and what it will take for her to eat
A little about us

Mom; I’m a hairdresser and work part time while taking care of my girls on my own. My mom helps me out from time to time too [gotta give credit where credits deserved :)]. I’m on a weightloss journey [ not a diet], i’m trying to break my unhealthy habits. So far I have lost 42lbs in total.

Hannah, the older one believe it or not. Has a TON of medical problems all due to being premature. She spent the first 507 days in the hospital ( a year and a half STRAIGHT). She recently just got her tracheostomy out after having it for 3 year 3 months and 8 days [ I remembered the dates, I swear I didn’t keep count lol]
List of medical conditions
→ Born at 29w4d, weighing 1lbs 4oz
→ Pulmonary hypertention XOVERCOME
→ Short Gut
→ Near sighted
→ Oral aversion [Doesn’t like things in her mouth]
→ Reflux
→ BPD [lung condition]
→ Stoma
→ Developmental Coordination Disorder
→ Possible Nerve disorder
And i’m sure there is more.

Hailey is “the younger one”
→ Born at 29w4d, weighing 2lbs 14oz
→ Pulmonary stenosis
→ MILD Cerebral palsy in 1 leg
→ White matter brain disease
→ Possible Nerve disorder

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  1. Love love love this series!! And I don't work outside the house! 🙂 But.. I find as a busy Mother, if I don't prep what I myself want to eat, I'll end up grabbing the easy quick stuff that's neither as healthy or delicious! 🙂 Great lunches!!

  2. You are such a superwoman! I should bring my own lunch to work, too, but I never get around to have the time or energy to prepare for it! Uhhhhh, but I really should try!!

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! I am a Registered Nurse and dont always have the opportunity to leave for lunch and the meals where I work are free but not that great! So I am always looking for new and fresh ideas of things to pack…Thanks!

  4. Ohhhh love the new series! I'm the worst for lunches and am the same way… I need protein!! Thanks for the ideas!! 😀👍❤

  5. So healthy! I've been trying to do good. But I'm just not losing weight. My dr told me that I may need to cut out gluten and dairy and I may notice a change. I told him no matter what I do, I can't lose any weight and that's what he suggested. It's hard to cut out all gluten because it's in so much food. Random question….how long do you ride your exercise bike for at a time ?

  6. Thanks for sharing, love the ideas! FYI if you put a folded napkin in the bottom of the cucumbers they will last a long time cut up. The napkin absorbs the moisture they produce and stops them from going bad. I always cut up my cucumbers on Sundays for the whole week with this trick! Great for watermelon too:)

  7. almost 15K…yay! let us know how the lunches worked this week, if it feels right to do that. I like this segment a lot. Gives me great healthy ideas. thanks for posting!