Easy recipe and cooking tutorial on how to cook wonton soup

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Hey there, I’m Rosie – Welcome to my YouTube Cooking Channel. I love cooking, baking, and sharing my recipes. I’m a firm believer that cooking shouldn’t be a chore, IT SHOULD BE FUN!!! Therefore, I’m here to share my fun, and easy recipes for everything including soul food favorites, old fashioned southern cuisine, restaurant copy cat recipes, and your favorite comfort foods. Feel free to browse through my recipe collection and also come visit at to print out the recipes for FREE!



  1. WHERE WAS THIS VIDEO WHEN I NEEDED IT 😭😭😭😭 I'M SO MAD 😂😂😂😂 Thank you so much for the recipe Rosie 😘

  2. i need the recipe,,,,,,,,,,,,i want to make tommorrow,,,,,,,,i have looked all over,i love your version .Thank you,,,,diva

  3. Also wonton base can be made at home with salt, just a little tinny bit of soysauce, and then just boil the wontons and some bok choy in it and BAM!

  4. i like to use fresh veggies in stead of powders. i also like to boil my wonton's in a separate pot so the starch is not in the soup. 

  5. Chicken Base + A lil Soy Sauce + A little sesame oil = Wonton base. Of course, green onion chopped in too if you like – my man hates it so I skip it.

  6. My mum is making this today. I would like to help her with the squishing part or mixing. And the folding 😀 im waay to young for fire anyways X_X you just earned a subscriber ;3

  7. Wonton doesn't take 45mins to cook. Bring your soup to a boil, put in your wonton to cook – once it flood to the top, it's done (usually around 8 to 10min).

  8. Thank you for sharing that looks yummy I will try it but with chicken because we are not suppose to eat port. Anyway I like your video God bless