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  1. My weight loss journey began with a simple system that was super easy and was NOT a meal replacement. I love food and I like to eat. I was never crabby and never experienced any jitters or drop in blood sugar. I can read every ingredient and all have been approved my multiple doctors. Why? Because they are safe AND effective with no side effects like diarrhea or that you can’t take it with your medications. I’ve kept the weight off and it’s been 8 months. Xxl to a med/large in 28 days.

  2. I underwent a strict diet for a week and a half out of 3 weeks. The first week and a half is like a bit on and off for me. I eat a lot of meat while occasionally jog on the treadmill for 20min per day. This was my first weightloss commitment and I didn't calculate my calories intake at the time. the second phase (another week and a half) I starts to check my calories intake and I jog on the treadmill once a day for 20-30min

    On average, I consume around 1200 calories (I'm a man) and I cut sugary drinks and oily foods..

    I lost approx. 3kg/6.6lbs in three weeks. But I felt that I could've lose much more.

  3. Hello Hannah. Pleasure to meet! I struggle with my weight. I'm 5"6 and 188. I used to be 143 but all for the wrong reasons. I struggled in similar ways like you did. I snack on nuts and hummus alot. I also fry my veggies in olive oil. I know that these foods can lead to weight gain or inhibit weightloss. Any tips to help me cut back? I love these items. I'm on a plant based diet btw. Thank you so much 😊 #strugglingtogetbetter

  4. we'd like to see that graph 🙂 … also, i have a hard time getting a review for the starch solution. i cannot keep up with whether starch solution is the same as hclf diet and your take on it (the starch solution). I think what you are saying here is that the starch solution is the hclf and you do not do it very much because you needed more fat….. at first i was getting it mixed up with your million banana eating time and i thought that you gained weight on it. then, i realized that you did that and THEN changed to starch solution. and then you kind of went off of that because you wanted more fat (which i totally support 🙂 )… i'm not actually following any extreme thing like high anything or low anything. i'm probably more like an ayurvedic food proportion person

  5. Thank u so much for making this. I'm hoping i can start to be helthyer. I'm younger than 18, and im overweight so I'm going to try and eat helthyer and exercise.

    (I don't want to share my age)

  6. I have always had a bit of body fat and I never thought I had uncover a diet that might assist me to to get rid of it until I attempted the “fetching tuti space” (Google it). Research the “fetching tuti space” on Google for yourself and see how simple it can be. You`ll enjoy it, believe me.

  7. Thank you for this video, it answered a lot of questions I have been dealing with recently. I started my journey in July and lost almost 25lbs… recently I have went from 191 to 197 in a matter of two weeks. It kind of pissed me off and I feel bummed, but I have a QUESTION: How often should I do cardio? I try to run a mile before i lift EVERY time, but is this overkill? Thanks for any advice you can give.

  8. Hey Hannah!
    I recently came across your channel and I really appreciate how authentic and real you are.
    Your weight loss journey has been really inspirational. So inspirational that I plan to begin my own.
    But the problem is that I recently had an accident because of which I can't do running exercises.
    Could you suggest me a cardio workout regime to lose the belly fat (along with the rest of the body) without having to run on a treadmill? <3

  9. Hi Hannah, Thanks for sharing this video. You are cute, smart and shared some nice wise tips. Appreciate it so much for this video and hey keep being sweet that you are! 🙂

  10. I really like youre video because the tipps that you gave I mostly already follow them and it was good to hear that I am on a good way with my decision. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I was 77kg in 2015 and i start doing dieting and at one point i conpletely stop eating food and in just 9 months i loss 20kg(idk what's that is in lbs). And i became week and sick and everyone start giving me negative comments and then in 2016 i start eating healthy and i have gain 4kg,now i m 58kg and happy. I have tortured my body,mind and soul and i m sorry to my self. +i was fat all my life and now i m not….. all it take is willpower that's all.

  12. Hey guys, Matt here, I just wanted to share with you guys a weight loss plan that I did that really helped me. I lost over 10 pounds in just two weeks on this plan. This is not a paid advertisement. I just wanted to help others that were struggling with heir weight like me so they can feel more confident and live a healthy life. If your interested please click the link below: