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  1. Sadly I only loose weight when I use MFP. I come to accept tracking is the most effective for me, even though I wish i didn't have to. So MFP will be a part of my life for a long while.

  2. Great overview to pass on to friends who are curious.

    I use MFP religiously. I'm diabetic and want to lose, 60lbs anyway. I use a HRM/watch that will sync calories expended during workout chosen in the HRM/Watch. For example, a 45min jog, or 60min walk/run, or 75minute hard road cycle…. kettlebell cardio I can do in my home (bodyfitbyamy) etc.

    I lost ten pounds, a bit of weight went back on but the fat around my neck and chest have decreased considerably and I have to keep tightening the HRM strap that goes around my chest.

    Another blogger states that I won't see weight really start coming off till after one month. So the key is to stick with it and stay consistent counting the carbs. PLUS stay AWAY from cured meats. I don't even bring them into my home anymore. And check, stay away from fruit juices. (I'm diabetic and 63yr old male.)
    Thanks for the great overview, I will pass this on to my buddy.

  3. I think a huge portion you missed is that yes , MyFitnessPal is AMAZING and technically if you count your calories and eat right and blah blah you will lose weight but alot of people (including myself) dont count the "little things" , i followed a strict calorie counting diet for 2 weeks and saw no change because I wasnt adding in those one or two glasses of sweet tea, the funsize candies i would eat, the butter i would put on my toast, i wasnt accurately counting the amount of froot loops i would eat lol etc… to follow a diet like this, you must really pin point so you know how many calories you are over or have left. Put in literally EVERY single thing, even if you have a lollipop ,(blowpops have 60 calories btw lol) so yea those little things can really kill you. I started putting in EVERY single thing, and now I have finally seen the changes.

  4. Good taste and the price is excellent. Been drinking WeightLossGreenStoreTea for a few days and I have much more energy and also feel like I'm getting rid of a lot of my toxins naturally. I really like that

  5. This app is completely mind blowing, especially the food database. I live in St. Louis and a lot of people here love going to the Chinese restaurants and they are very different from the Chinese restaurants anywhere else in America and probably the world. For instance the Chinese restaurants here have what's called a St. Paul sandwich. Nobody outside of St. Louis knows what that is, but myfitnesspal had it listed. I couldn't believe it.

  6. Very curious about the comments about the plateau, and weight falling off in the "first" month.  I'm doing very well on the app so far, but is it the case that the system eventually becomes ineffective?  (Taking into account that as you lose weight you have to recalibrate your BMR on the app)

  7. I began my trip with fitness vouple of months ago. WIthout any plan. But when I look at the movies, I maybe switch to cardio, just to try it out. Plus I still ttake green coffee pills. Nothing can go wrong, eventually.