Our yoga for weight loss series continues with this total body workout. Whether you are looking to tone the body or just find what feels good Adriene brings a real approach to this full body workout providing instruction and alignment for all levels!

Get inspired! Do what you can! Modify as needed and return to this practice again and again to build strength, flexibility, evolve and grow! Quiet the mind, connect to the breath and move your body.

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Yoga For Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat Burning Workout

Yoga For Weight Loss – Abs & Arms

Yoga For Weight Loss – Core Workout

Yoga For Weight Loss – Strengthen & Lengthen

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  1. I started lowering my food intake a week ago… I've been eating all fresh non processed foods and no junk food! I've lost three pounds so far. But treadmill can be boring af… And also draining as hell. I enjoy yoga. Its soft on the body but still super great for you. Im doing this right now! Thanks for the video

  2. YESTERDAY, I took on this yoga challenge that was an hour in length although I was still feeling tired and my shoulders ached.

    I thought I could try an hour of yoga as I was enjoying the short sessions but I wanted to see if I was able to work through an hour session and this one caught my attention.

    With all the down dogs and putting the pressure on the wrists, I actually got the ache out of my shoulders simply by following along. I even challenged myself with some of these sequences and I surprised myself with my movements. I am noticing changes of what I can do and what I couldn't do before I started my yoga journey over a month ago. I am still struggling with the breathing because I am not sure when to breath in and when to breath out, but over all I can say my conditioning is improving.

    I am always working at my own pace and so sometimes, Adriene is at least one movement ahead of myself. I am also finding that I am not as focused on watching the footage but being guided through her voice. At times, I do look up to see if I am doing things right and most times I am on track. It proves that Adriene has a great ability to guide people and I find her guidance so good that I am even doing some of the motions with my eyes closed.

    As I have found number 3 in this series of Weight Loss, I will continue with these until True: 30 Day Yoga Journey begins.

    We have just started a new year and if the last month is anything to go by, I will be staying with these tutorials and continue to be kind to myself and to challenge myself when I believe I am ready for the next step.

  3. Hi Adriene!
    I absolutely love bringing your videos into my daily practice. I was doing this video and notice my inner hip were very tight. Any advice on a yoga sequence that might target the hips?

    Thank you for all that you do!

  4. Hey Adriene, I am finding that when I do forward fold for a while (like in this video when you are going through the different flat backs) that I start to get pins and needles in my legs and will have to stand and let the blood flow back. Any recommendations? I am not sure why it's happening…

  5. Hi Adriene,
    I needed to do something different, other than take pain killers for the pain in my feet.  After 4 months of doing your workouts, I no longer have chronic pain! THANK YOU! I do find runners lunge hard on my feet, the underneath of my heel hurts, especially in the right foot. I tore the right calf muscle 8 years ago and now that I am doing your workouts it only occasionally resurfaces.  Then I do download facing dog and it goes away!!!Isn't that awesome!
    Do you have any suggestions about the heel pain and also an archilles tendon that just doesn't seem to want to stretch and untighten?
    Thank you so much for your honesty and just being you.  I really relate to your style of personality….a big hug over the internet from Australia! xxDiana

  6. At about 40 min my knees are absolutely killing me. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’ll get better once I lose some weight. Does anyone have any advice or should I skip this video for now?

  7. Just want to say thanks, Adriene. I'm a graduate student, and I find that making time for myself and my health is tough, but I'm managing to do one of your videos every day regardless of my school/work stuff. Your videos make me feel OK with not being very good at some poses, but also give me time to acknowledge the improvements my body is making. So thanks for doing these 🙂

  8. Dear Adriene,
    I wanted to write to express how incredibly grateful that I am for your generosity in sharing so many yoga videos that guide a person through an incredible workout- regardless of where you get an internet connection.
    In January of this year I was the victim of sexual violence. The predator who stole my sense of safety (,and so many other things from me inwardly, has yet to be caught).
    I have always been a lover of the outdoors (and I still am!). Skiing, trail running, hiking, camping, and mountain biking were my favorite. Now, I'm so scared of the dark, I have to take a deep breath to walk from my car to the door of my apartment when I'm alone (with pepper spray in my hand). That said, I no longer feel safe in "nature's playground," but I do crave peace and a good workout.
    In some ways, you saved me. I've never been a person who practiced yoga regularly (and I still can't meditate), but, the full body workouts that many of your videos offer can be done from behind a double locked door (where I feel less vulnerable to being attacked when I'm alone). I was raised to believe that through faith, one is never alone (and I've been fiercely independent since I can remember). But, what I have come to realize is that interdependence is not a weakness (and you can still be fierce and brave while depending on another person).
    Thank you for creating these videos, and please, never take them down. I have come to depend on them. 🙂
    With much gratitude, I wish you all the best.

  9. I don't often have time for a long workout, but I did today. And I am so glad I tried this one…I love your videos, and I love that you have a variety of lengths so that I can fit them in whenever my schedule allows! Thanks so much!

  10. i did this daily, (except for days i'd feel a little too lazy), and somehow got used to this routine! but then I stopped for two weeks and now that i'm back, i am STRUGGLING! never want to break fro yoga now haha

  11. There was a mistake around 45 minutes in. When you do the leg lifted, porch swings on the right side (coming to right elbow, left elbow and center), you don't do it on the other leg. Otherwise, I really like your videos and have been doing them regularly, thank you!

  12. weirdest thing: right when your dog came in to say hello to you, my cat did the same thing, and it´s the first time she´s done that since i started doing yoga again. must be the pose that speaks to the animals 😀

  13. Adriene, I love your perspective on yoga, your videos are exactly what I have been missing! I have not missed a day of yoga in a month even with breaking my nose and getting a concussion because of all of the wonderful different sets you have! I have managed to drop so much weight and feel my entire body becoming more aligned and strong. I cannot thank you enough!!

  14. I just discover your channel very recently. But i must say i love it. Normally i would do 20 min to 30 min of yoga, but your channel, and specially your teaching skills are making me do it for 1h. Besides that, i thought that yoga was only to relax, to find inner peace, but you can also do that and loose weight.

    Thank you for creating this channel, and for every lesson and breath. Kisses.

    P.S. – Cant wait for other videos.