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  1. This helps a lot !! I just joined the gym and it sure helps to know how to start because I really want this year to be my year were I can be healthy and feel good with myself. Please let us know what you did on the daily to loose weight regarding to your meals and any vitamin intake.

  2. What speed did you have incline on? And how high on incline? I’m getting married in September and would like to get my body good somewhat by April when I go try dresses on :). If I don’t have access to a gym, do you think I could just walk 2-3 miles everyday? Starting off with walking and get some results as well?

  3. I'm so glad I found your channel! I've lost 40 pounds and I've got 80 more to go to reach my goal. Seeing your videos definitely gave me more motivation to continue. Thank you for making these videos you're really beautiful 😊💖

  4. OMGUSHHH!!! YOU look amazing!!!! im right now at 256 lbs!! and im kinda excited to start losing weight!!!! i tried so hard before (mealprep, starve, counting this and that) and it would aways get boring after a few days and i would go back to eating like crap!! but im starting new today and hope to get to m goal weight!!! 😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😊😊😊

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  6. My highest weight (that was not due to pregnancy) was 285. I am down to 253.5, but right now I'm back upa few pounds because I'm on my period 😐 I'm struggling so much with straight consistent. I have been overweight my entire life. I've tried everything except surgery, which I've definitely considered. I know I need to stick with it this time because I'm 29 and I've noticed that it's so much harder now that I'm older. I'm so glad I came across this video! I just subscribed so now maybe I can have some motivation ❤️

  7. You are seriously my biggest inspiration for becoming fit and losing weight.. I don’t have enough money to go to the gym but I am pushing myself to work extra hard at home using anything heavy I can find at home to use as makeshift weights and I am eating so much healthier now trying to stay away from unhealthy foods. I’m not extremely big, I dance and box but my doctor has recommended that I eat healthier and workout because he’s scared hat my weight is going to keep going down hill.. I had no motivation what so ever but then I came across your channel because I was going through YouTube at midnight.. yeah weird YouTube hours.. but I do not regret coming across your channel and I do not think your channel is weird. (Sorry if this comment is all over the place and doesn’t make sense). I just wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring me and keeping me motivated with your videos, you and your videos help so much. Since I have been watching your videos, eating healthy and exercising I have lost 5kg and I am a little happier. (I know 5kg doesn’t seem like much but I am so so so happy with my progress and I can’t wait to keep going)

  8. how much weight did you lose from doing treadmill?? for the 5 months? btw you’re such an inspiration! I’m 18 and trying sooo hard to lose weight, im gonna buy a treadmill this weekend and start walking again hopefully i get a good summer body! :,))) i weigh like 180 right now

  9. Love this. I’ve lost 35lbs in 4 months and finally going to start the gym next month 😬 so these tips working and helping when I’m in the gym 💗