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Update Dec 2014
View my latest transformation pictures here…

Weight Loss Body Transformation in 60 Days. Starting weight 97KG. I’m just an ordinary guy using simple straight method to get in shape. My final weight is 78KG on day 60. I’m still determine to keep going till I achieved what was impossible onc – Six Pack!. The secret – Never Give Up!
Will upload more videos and pictures as well how to lose weight formula… my diet plan and my exercise.

Rafi A



  1. well done bro u r sooooooooo lucky if ur loose the weight and bro I m 90 kg person plz help me what I can do eat and exercise because losing my fat please help me I am so upset my weight this is my number 9958 320 344 please please please please please help me and guide me

  2. nice video man!! I was feeling the same.. i have always being bullied for being fat then i started to realize that i wanted to change so i did that and now im here and felling grate 🙂 you such an idol

  3. Thanks for uploading and well done! You look fantastic. Can you give some detailed information about the diet you followed? What did you eat? How many calories were you eating daily? What did you avoid? I think most people are overweight due to poor diet knowledge and eating habits.

  4. It's a nice inspirational vid, but I can no longer do what you did…the treadmill, the jogging.
    I'm middle-aged and both my knees are gone. Worn out.

    What I like about the video is the truism that Love WILL motivate you if you decide to harness it.

    But anyone out there who blithely says, "No pain no gain" has NOT aged enough yet to know anything about it.