11.6.17 UPDATE: I have now lost over 80 pounds! Follow me on IG: @myadventuretofit

42 pounds down in 8 months! Watch me transform from 230 pounds to 188 from May 2016 to January 2017. Half way through my journey!

Lifestyle change with clean eating and regular at home workouts.

Goal weight is 135! Second video when I hit my goal weight by the end of 2017!!

Audio is



  1. So inspiring really. I watch this EVERYDAY before I go walking. I do have a question though what is your day to day 30 minute exercises? Is it the exercise in the video clip you had put in the video (it had 2 videos up top and 2 on the bottom)

  2. Same goes to me. Change everything. I looked at myself and I was surprised. I started going back to being fit again. Start hitting the gym in November. Never skip a day. Been working out 6 days a week.

  3. My story:
    One day I looked in the mirror…everyday I was ashamed of going out in public being so chubby,my sister had the same problem….she isn’t working out now though 😔 I am trying hard to do workouts everyday but I just can’t go on a diet 😢 everyday is the same so I’m trying to make a change! 😊

  4. ❤ inspirational♥I want to make 2018 my year I will start my weight loss journey on YouTube to be able to stay accountable , I'm a stay at home mom with 3 toddlers which 2 of them are autistic so it's always something new at home and I'm at 205 and this has been the biggest I've ever been and I'm only 25, you are an amazing inspiration and my personal biggest inspiration because you are a mom like me