Hi guys! This video has four of my key tips when it comes to fat loss or weight loss that I find are staples in any successful weight loss journey! If your new years resolution is to get healthy, lose weight, or get in shape, hopefully these tips can help you!
Happy New Year!


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  1. Awesome video with some great reminders!! I’m working out 4-5 times per week, doing a mix of cardio and HIIT circuits (the HIIT is mostly all plyo and body weight exercises). Is this a good combo for fat loss?? I feel like I’m not sure how much I need to be doing. This is on top of trying to eat healthy of course. Thanks Hunter!!💜

  2. I love this and your workouts. I started my journey two months ago. Doing keto, now I carb cycle. I also started weight lifting which i found is something I absolutely loooove! And I sneak in some hiit and Zumba for cardio because I am one to hate cardio. Blah. With everything I fluctuate between 25 and 29 pound weight loss right now. I sent this to my friend who’s struggling to get started. This is all mental you have to want this and love this to be able to do it daily. Thank you for all your workouts that helped me with my weight loss. I hope my girl friend loves this like I do. ❤️ happy 2018

  3. Loving the makeup 😍😍 these tips are very helpful for someone like me who's very over weight and has just started a weight loss journey and YouTube channel thanks so much for the tips… your videos are always very helpful

  4. Happy 2018 hunter hope your having a great day and your hair and makeup look pretty and cute and adorable honestly 💪💋💖😍💕. Your videos are wonderful and enjoyable to watch honestly.💅👍💪💋💖. You deserve more views honestly I think hunter 👍💋💕💪💖.