In 2012 I decided to have weight loss surgery. I documented that decision with videos and saved them onto my computer. Today I watched that video for the very first time, and decided that it was time to do an “after” video. I have since lost 140 pounds and gained the most amazing clarity in my life. I know now that I want more than anything to help others through their journey too. Thank you for taking the time to watch my transformation.

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  1. Following a close friend of mine used this diet plan “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) to burn 15 lbs, I actually figured out a lot about it. I googled “sowo amazing plan” and so should you.

  2. I'm probably going to get shot by everyone for this but here it goes. My wife just had the surgery. She weighed about 500 Lbs. Now she has already lost about 50 of it in just a matter of 3 months. Seems to be going pretty fast. But here is the thing, I want her to be happy and I want her to do this stuff for her. But, It's an adjustment that scares me. Now I am 290. Muscle built and that has caused my wife to want to be fit like myself. I have no problem with that. What causes the tension and fear is that, I fell in love with the women that I married. I realize health is important and she wants to do this for her self. But you don't hear much about the men or husbands point of view. I personally don't have a good connection with thin ladies. They are usually stuck up cruel attitude that is simply a turn off for myself. My wife claims she will still be the same women but I fear that may not be absolute. Now I have talked with lots of guys that I know, Some that are husbands to women that have gone through the surgery. And in some cases the worst case scenario occurs. The women learn they can have and impress men that couldn't when they were larger. This scares the hell out of me. Because some of my friends are nice genuine people that care for their wives and love them unconditionally. But still, They were dumped because the women at the time chose their men because they gave up on harmony, Will my wife change as she gets thinner? I don't think she will. But how does a relationship get effected? Some guys love big women, If the girl suddenly becomes thin. Will the love die? Will the attraction die? A guy at my gym once said, Thin women know they are worth it. They know they deserve the best. They settle for nothing and expect men to shower them and impress them if they even want a simple "Hello" from them. The big girls warm and cuddle like teddy bears. So if one changes from one to the other. Is the relationship doomed? Is it doomed so the women begins to realize she can do better? I don't consider myself insecure. Losing her is not the fear I have. I'm confident for this. But I do question how attraction works. And yes these videos are awesome, You see men and women alike going for the surgery and become healthy and happy people. But no one ever talks to the husbands and wives. We marry the person because we fall in love with the appearance of how they were when we met. Changing that, I fear can destroy a relationship. Now, No offense intended here. But I personally have never met a thin girl that hasn't treated me like utter shit from the moment I met them to the moment I threw them out of my life. Might just be bad luck on my part or bad examples. But Meeting my wife, Best thing could have happened to me. Her changing into that type of person that has destroyed and ripped me apart. As I tell her many many times. It's going to be an adjustment. Because never in a billion years did I ever see my self with a thin girl on my arm. Eh, Maybe that sounded a little insecure but damn it, I hope men and women alike realize the size of a person has a great impact on any relationship/marriage.

  3. My mate we’re talking among each other about their diet plan and how much weight they had dropped. Previously, I`ve dropped 16 and a half pounds. Google “sowo amazing plan”. I feel much better after trying this life-altering diet.

  4. Hi you have truly inspired me and helped me very much in the weight loss. You're words are amazing. My weight is 227. And I've loss 3 lbs in one week now I weigh 224lbs I've been trying to make a change in how I eat. And soon I will be having the Weight loss surgery the sleeve. I am proud of myself I know I can do this I thank you so much for your inspiring words thank you.

  5. Hi Lauren. Thank you so much for the video, I am 21 years old and have been in the process of getting weight loss surgery since last August and it looks like it will finally be happening at the end of the summer. I am very nervous but excited at this new phase of my life. I wish all the best to you!

  6. Omg yes. Thank you so much for making this video, I hugely over weight myself, I'm 28 stone right now and I have decided to go for the surgery purely because it hurts to move, I can't work out due to the pain and I feel like no one believes me and I'm just making excuses. And it isn't the easy way out, the diet is grim af. I have to do a weight management program for a year and I start this coming Wednesday so hopefully this time next year I will be having my surgery. And well done you 👍

  7. I see you beauty you are a great person. Go vegan love it would help your wonderful mind and body. Look up going vegan and depression on youtube lots of people cure depression with their diet. The eating of meat extinguishes the great seed of compassion. You must be more compassionate to yourself don't beat yourself up about your body you matter.