So I was receiving a lot of questions about my workout routine, diet, and weightloss journey in general on my last two videos, so I thought I’d make a video to answer all of them! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my first lil q&a.. obvs leave me more questions in the comments if you guys want me to do another one, and lemme know what other videos you wanna see from me!

Btw just a warning I start to rant a bit at the end, but a girl’s gotta speak her mind haha


How did you workout without going to the gym?
What do I do if I’m embarrassed to workout in front of other people?
How long did it take for you to lose weight?
What exercises should I do to get a smaller waist/arms/thighs etc?
What’s more important for weight loss, diet or exercise?
Do you count calories?
How do you stop craving junk food?
How to avoid sagging/loose skin?
How did others treat you after & during weight loss?
How do you stay motivated?

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  1. Guys, can you tell me is it healthy to lose around 50 pounds in 5 months? And is it even possible? I am trying to lose weight fast but I don't know if it's healthy. I am now 198 pounds (90kg) and I am 5'7 feet tall (170cm). Help please. Thanks<3

  2. I honestly love your story, you're so inspiring. Thank you so much for making videos and trying to help people. I love that you genuinely care about everyone. You're absolutely amazing, I really am inspired by you. Thank you, again! <3

  3. I really like your videos and honesty. I think the way you do it is the best. Changing gradually without a miraculous potion is the way to go. Thanks for the tips. I will try to think about the tips you've been giving as I go. Best wishes

  4. honestly I'm so motivated to be healthy and lose weight! i have lost 3 lbs so far this week and in 3 months I'm determined to post a pic on insta and tag you in it and say that you inspired me to begin my journey

  5. Your so inspiring 😭 I'm struggling so much with exsersize and can't be consistent. I've been moving foster homes for 4 years and the goods in each home were different AND a med is the main reason I ended up 185 lbs

  6. i lost ten pounds and people keep discouraging me. im still over weight and im trying just trying to be healthier and its weird that some people cant understand that, and try to keep u where ur at.

  7. I have to thank you for making me want to start losing weight. Haha. It's so cliche, legit. Haha. But seriously though, you inspired me to start. It's finding the motivation to continue doing it. Haha.

  8. I am amazed by what you have achieved. I am so inspired by your videos, and you have really opened my eyes, as I always thought that you could not do a proper workout without going to the gym. I am not really a fan of the gym, so I am totally going to follow your workout rutine at home. I do not struggle with my weight, however, I would like to tone my body more and exercise more. 
    So thank you for during what you do.  

    Much love from Denmark 🙂