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  1. *I loved this guidebook 👀 👀 . It teaches the pre skills necessary to learn before even trying to lose weight, and do helps to prevent self-sabotage. For the first time ever, at age 42, I am leaving food on my plate…I tell myself, "I can have more later". I actually stop eating when I am no longer hungry. Sounds simple, but I have never had hunger be the guiding light to my eating. It was for pleasure, or to stuff feelings. I enjoy my food more and eat more slowly. I no longer seek to get as much food as possible in before I make myself stop! No more guilt and shaming! This is good research, and very clearly presen

  2. This has greatly inspired me, I’ve had the same weight problem as you and it’s a topic that I hate speaking on because it attacks my insecurities so much but I don’t want to live in the shadow of my insecurities so tomorrow is the day I step on a scale and begin my journey. I’ve always depended on someone else for my health but this video made me realize that it’s about me and how I choose to take care of my health. Keep doing what you do Amy, you truly are an inspiration. ❤️

  3. my boyfriend bought me the thinner, leaner , stronger book since 3 months ago and i barely read that… after watching you talking about it i feel really bad for not knowing i actually have the gem book! i feel motivated again , thank you for making this video Amy ! so 10 kgs to loose for me !!!

  4. I am so happy I've found your channel. You are my exact height, body type, hair colour & face shape (so the makeup tutorials are perfect!) and we've been through a lot of the same things in terms of weight loss. thank you for giving me someone to relate to, appreciate you a lot

  5. I really am loving your channel!! You have a stocky body just like me and I never find girls that have the same body shape, I’m 4’11 and have PCOS. You look amazing seriously!!! Gives me confidence and motivation to push towards a better lifestyle.

  6. Okay this is I think my favourite video you have posted so far. I just got a gym membership and I'm getting into the mindset of a healthier life style. And girl lemme tell you right now you're motivating me so much I kinda wanna get up and go to the gym right now lol sounds crazy. Plus love how up close and personal and raw you are in this video. Fav YouTuber 😍❤

  7. i LOVE your additude towards food! I counted calories and kinda demonized it, and it gave me an eating disorder. But going through intuitive eating practices, I want to try and lose weight again.

  8. Thank you for making this video and your pure honesty. I needed this to help me get back on track. I’ve lost 40kg and recently lost my motivation this year and forgot why I started. I’ve only gained back 4kg back, but my mind has been a mess, and this video has re-inspired me. Thank you ♥️

  9. What we think is hunger, most of the time is actually thirst!!! When you feel you're hungry have a tall glass of water and chances are you will no longer be hungry!

  10. Thank you so much for posting this video. I just started my weight loss journey after slowly gaining back all the weight I lost from a not so healthy way of losing weight. I just took the plunge and got a year membership in a gym and made the decision to live fit and healthy life. I really appreciate your insights and advice and just wanted you to know that you really inspire me! <3

  11. You're not an expert or a professional, but your advices help much better, trust me. There's nothing better, than an honest real life experience. I admire your courage. I know it's hard to be honest, talking about all these painful experiences, plus doing it on camera, but you did such a great job! I'm sure you're going to help a lot of people. Thank you! And good luck on your journey. I wish you to reach your goal soon.

  12. GIRL! You're KILLING it. And can I ask, are you Portuguese?! (since your last name is Macedo). If so, ME TOO! Us curvy girls gotta stick together lol. Check out my vlogs…I think you'll get a good laugh outta it 😉 xoxo