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  1. this is honestly inspiring in so many ways and i too struggled with losing weight for years ive loss a loss a lot of weight . ive worked out ate healthy changed my diet and ive seen results but for me that wasnt enough but everybodys different but listen ive tried something that changed my life for ever . ive loss weight very fast and easy ..if anyone is interested here's the link https://tinyurl.com/ycdxets7

  2. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this video, and for your inspiration! I just turned 14 and I've been struggling with my weight for what seems like my entire life. You are beautiful inside and out, and again, thank you. 🤗💕

  3. >>>>>t.co/9GoyC3g4kE <<<<< I started this plan 14 days ago. What I like about it is it's designed so that you don't plateau, which can be very discouraging, and every 14 days you add new foods. Very easy to follow and no gimmicks. I've lost 10 lbs so far and every day the scale moves, even if it's just a little. It gets you to the point where you are eating how you should every day for the rest of your life and I think that is more important than losing the weight. You have to be able to keep it off. That's how you judge the success of a diet.

  4. You are my hero. I love that I have these videos to play and replay to encourage me. I've gained so much weight and I'm ready to hit the reset button. Thanks for sharing how you did this!!!!

  5. sorry my daughter was bugging me. but hun my doctors told me I have to lose 90 lbs to so I will keep u on my mind wen I feel to give up. you motivate me bog time.2018 is my years😁🤞😊