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  1. Thanks for all the love in my latest video. Through sitting in meditation, I've just realized how much I love speaking about transforming your internal world (psychology) to transform your external world (your body) so I'm going to be releasing a lot more videos on here about this topic.

    Also, starting Monday I'm doing a video a day for 90 days on my Personal Development channel which you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2dQKyQHYqeOSPusRRZYuHw

    Love you all!

  2. Hi Matt, firstly you are awesome in whatever you say! Totally believe everything you have to say. Like this one too. After flirting with weight loss goals for years, I remember this one day my mind was ready to dive in and do whatever it takes to achieve my goals and I was mentally so prepared for it that everything i did just seemed to be directed towards #goals. And 4 months later, today, people are amazed and so jealous at seeing me. And all I want to tell them is the same – its not training and nutrition alone, its mental preparedness. Love you, Matt.

  3. Makes so much sense…. I am on track for a week or 2 and then out of no where this demon comes on and I am eating for no other reason than sabotaging myself… I undo all the good I did in the past couple of weeks and then the cycle starts again. If I do not try to change myself, I am not really overeating. It only happens when I start the journey to change myself. Love to see the series on this to further analyse myself.

  4. I'm a song parent trying to balance my life with school and work and kids and a divorce and a mother who is extremely toxic and no support emotionally from my family they're all very negative, on top of that I have a bad knee that continues to dislocate whenever I do intense workouts, I have asthma and I feel overwhelmed most days but if I don't keep moving and if I don't keep trying to get my shit in place then nothing will ever change, I'm not a quitter I do believe I can do this it's just hard but possible. thanks for the words of advice so true 💪💪

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  6. Matt I'm a fan. You are a crucial brick in my transformation. I'm glad to see you back filming and your subject matter is needed, at least by me. I'm 50lbs down in 6 months with 30 to go. I still see my self as fat and need to get my mind right about who I'm transforming into. Can you speak on the mind and a person's new body. Thanks for teaching me how to run at 52