First refeed after 1 week of dieting. So far I’ve lost about 4 pounds and since I’m losing weight so quickly frequent refeeds are very helpful.

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  1. Veganism has blinded you to the truth…Set aside your pride. Keto can only show you the door you have to walk through it. Hell do vegan keto who cares. I'm telling you, Go buy a Keytone Blood tester. Increase your fat and drop all sugar. When it reads .5 and above, all of your activities will start to improve exponentially. YOU WILL GAIN MUSCLE! Keto puts you in a state of fasting. And when you are in a fasted state ( Ketosis ) Your HGH sky rockets. It's the sh@t. And to say your muscle will drain of glycogen, is bull sh&t. Do you know how much your liver pumps out suger when your working out and in the morning when you wake up? Oh that's right you don't check your blood sugars. Trust me it's plenty.. I tried…

  2. I'm currently going to school to become a clinical massage therapist, Jasmine should definitely look into that numbness in her arms. Since she plays video games often she'll definitely have some trigger/tender points, but if she's experiencing numbness then she has a pinched nerve. I didn't know I had carpal tunnel until I took these classes, not that I'm saying she has that but it could become that. She was probably just sitting on her sciatic nerve so I'm not concerned about her legs but if the pressure from holding onto you was too much I'd definitely recommend getting that looked into :/

  3. I am not a cleaning freak, but man you got to tidy up your house, clean and stop hoarding stuff all over. This is a perfect environment for depression. Do it along with your wife, and trust me it's gonna feel great.

  4. Vegan gains, just wanted to say you’re really fucking ugly and also your girlfriend is really fucking weird and ugly so you are perfect together. Just one last thing, you’re weak as fuck.