We’ve decided to conduct our very own experiment; one of our editors has tested firsthand the Internet’s most common body-slimming techniques. Get ready for an eye-opener!

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  1. But this doesn’t address the reason for most overeating, that is, boredom or loneliness. If hunger pangs drove us to eat, as soon as our stomachs were full, we would have an easier time pushing away the plate.

  2. I have a very simple strategy. It is all about figuring out what your body needs as accurately as possible. Then simply adjust the numbers. I have more detailed explanation of that on my channel, but that's the gist of it.

  3. Weight Management varies with with the nature of your body and what kind of weight you have gained… Someone who gained weight due to water retention in the body should drink more water and reduce intake of too much salty food… Or atleast thats my presonal experience…