How t make Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking, for hair, coconut oil pulling and for the body.

Watch how to make the Purest Virgin Coconut oil:

You did not get a white slab after putting it in the fridge or you do not have a fridge or NEPA struck?
Watch this video:

If you want the coconut oil that is liquid at room temperature, watch:

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Nigerian food is yummy!

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  1. Good video. Technically this is coconut cream though and not oil. Idea of using fridge for separating it from water is really good.

  2. I followed all your steps yet as i opened mine after putting it on the fridge for a whole day. I then found out that the coconut did not separate from the water. Nor did it solidify. Please help. That was my 2nd try. I still have two coconuts. I wish not to fail again.

  3. Instead of using water couldnt i just use the coconut liquid that was in the middle, for when you blend it ? And wait for them to separate??

  4. Wow! From all the videos I have seen on how to do coconut oil this is the best I like from all. Thnx a lot for all your work and for sharing, hand up.

  5. hey.. I am confused between this cream and the other purest virgin coconut oil method on your YouTube channel.. which one is better

  6. Lovely video. I made mine last year and tried using it for my hair like I hear people say but I got the greatest shock of my life. It made my hair as strong as almost iron. I regretted and that as the end of coconut cream for me. I immediately turned it to oil and used for my skin.