These Crispy Vegetable Bullets is a delicious starter or an appetizer.. Easy to make, these cylindrical type of fritters are one of its kind.. Having a beautiful combination of carrots and nutmeg & cinnamon makes this a divine snack to start. These veg carrot croquettes are amazing as it is! Make sure you try this and impress your guests with this Quick & Easy to Make, Healthy(of-course than cutlets) Crispy & Crunchy Veg Bullets. Makes a perfect snack for your kids lunch box too!




  1. hi.. u looks so cute.. n smile too.. k fine can u pls tell howto keep the dish crispy for log as like if v caring in for half n hour some thing. because i tried the veg cheese bols also like this.. even if u can tell sameans for the samosa n kachori also to keep it crisp .

  2. Sir you sound exactly like Rajesh from the Big Bang Theory… I know how much racist this sounds and Iam sorry for that I just cant help myself 😀 please dont be offended 🙂

  3. I do 't like to fry. Have you snacks like this that are done in the oven on my racks of pizza trays?
    Also could you do the recipes to freeze in portions?
    I love the many quick, easy and tasty recipes you do but oh, frying!
    So many of us are carefully losing weight, despite some difficulties with movement and it is essential to keep the scales moving in the right direction!!!!!!

  4. ok, in what way is this quick and easy again? cuz u kno while trying this i accidently burned down the house…. jk but srly tho, what way?

  5. Chef, I made your homemade condensed milk recipe and though it looked just like store bought, I could really taste the white sugar in it more than anything though it all dissolved.  I used 2% skim milk and white granulated sugar in your proportions. Was I doing something wrong? I didn't like the sugary aftertaste.