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  1. O.M.G.!!!!! There is no way my wife and I could down a big meal like that!!!! beans for breakfast,!!!! no way,!!! that's way to much calories, plus everything on one plate is a huge turn off.!! runny stuff always goes into a small separate bowl.

  2. Yeah my British day of food –
    Breakfast – water
    Lunch – water
    Tea – meat, veg, rice, just a main meal.

    Yes, I do have an eating disorder

  3. Going by what I have regulary, it would be egg on toast, Ham and mayo salad sandwich. And in the evening a curry or pasta.
    Roast dinners are bland and boring

  4. im british and i dont eat that much userly for breakfast i dont eat anything or just a peice of bacon we only have big breakfast verry rarly and its only when we go out

  5. I think the whole point of the video is to show the TYPICAL eating schedule they do it to Americans all the time, people assume we eat pancakes,bacon,eggs,and sausage every morning

  6. good lord, English" meals "! the video is correct but God you have no real mixed ingredients in these" foods". 🐠 and 🍟, breakfast are all separate foods that you don't mix, curry is Indian, what else? American and British foods are non existing. everyone else has a recipe for a meal they have invented ( produced?)