Hey guys! Here is a list of basic tools I used to help me stay on track and motivated throughout my weight loss. I hope you guys find some use from this or get some ideas of your own!

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Basic Facts:
Height Weight: 304lbs
Current Weight: 174lbs
Height: 5’8″
Starting Size: 3XL/18-20
Current Size: S/M/8-10
Start Date: February 2016




  1. Ty so much for this video!! I have started my weight loss journey because I need to lose 50 pounds!! I am 50y.o.and my liver is fatty. My dr wants me to lose 50 but I need to lose 70. Ty for the inspiration!!

  2. (((Don’t Miss Free Source 👀 t.co/zi1zZfqGT5 👀 ))) is a miracle for me. No bingeing for a while. A few mistakes of over eating a little, yes, but nothing like before. And no junk food, or eating for eating's sake. Tons of free support as well. I started the method before even finishing the guide. If you're having problems like what I've described, you can't afford not to get this guide. Keep an open mind, it can change your life, so simple but effective!

  3. I purchased Aria and for some reason it’s not finishing sync or completing set up. Do you have suggestions? Also, I see your tip for a food journal; however My Fitness Pal is another option. I love it!

  4. I've started my journey two days ago. I'm already down 2lbs. I've been posting on Snapchat every time I eat or work out. I've gotten a ton of support from my friends and family that I didn't expect. It just helps me be accountable for my actions. I'm 5'2 and started at 227.4 and I'm down to 224.8 in two days. If you'd like, follow me on Snapchat @missmayaclaire 😊

  5. the tooth brushing thing, I do that!! I thought I was a weirdo for that omg. I brush my teeth at a certain time at night to keep me from snacking too late out of boredom! I’m honestly excited that someone else does this haha

  6. That toothpaste advice was actually very good. I need to start brushing my teeth as soon as I get home. I usually come home and mindlessly snack for an hour before I go to sleep. Its definitely hindering my progress. I've lost 20 pounds in 7 months..slow and steady.

  7. Hey Jovana, I'm a new subscriber and I also have pcos. I love your videos and I also have one of those water jars like yours. I feel like it reminds me every time that I need to drink water. I use to weigh 180 and now I'm down to 168. I hope to try these tips and tricks soon again and hopefully lose more weight. Keep motivating all of us because you're doing a great job at it. Oh yes one more thing, I also followed you on Instagram. 💗

  8. You are incredibly inspiring!!! You explain things so well and give amazing tips and ideas. I follow a couple other "weight loss" people and while they are great in their own way, you are so easy to follow! Thank you for this video, I really needed it.