Why working out is great for health, but not for weight loss, explained in five minutes.

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  1. I think if you are obese, diet changes will make a bigger difference on the scale than exercise, especially where the obese category of people tend to "reward" themselves with treats for working out. If you are in a situation of trying to lose the last 10-15 pounds, exercise can really make a difference on getting the scale to budge. I think this study also discounted the fact that exercise raises your overall metabolic rate for the whole day.

  2. I might exercise more after watching this video because I used to see exercise as a weight loss tool and I don't want to lose weight that badly yet. But now I'll exercise more and eat less. After procrastinating, of course

  3. Ok I see it most your weight loss is dependent on diet. Most calories are burned doing other things than exercise. However strength training increases muscle mass. More mass in general means more calories burned and muscle burns more calories than fat. Again I agree to lose weight diet is more responsible but if your trying to thin out do not disregard evercide.

  4. Kinda misleading their generalizing all society …it's off if people exercise very "Important in weight loss 35 percent in committer person work out in the morning skip a meal do interment fasting "i.e. one meal a day" make sure they stay consistent they will lose weight. this is great video might send people down wrong track……

  5. I lost and kept off 10 lbs after my first 8 day water (mostly) fast. I'm on my second 8 day fast (tomorrow will be day 3). I will drink a milk tea in the morning and at night. I can have tea without milk a few times in between. I will be allowed to eat a stalk of celery, a cup or two of broth, and a pickle. I take a multivitamin and I can drink unlimited water and chew unlimited sugar free gum. I would like to lose another 10 lbs but even a bit less is ok. I came to the conclusion of this video after the first fast. It seems your body starts to devour your fat after a few days.

  6. "Help people make healthier choices" – isn't it like… totalitarianism? What about the free will of a free member of the free society? Huh? Are you saying that the gray masses must be controlled and led to the brighter pastures after all?

  7. Very myopic look at exercising I must say. There are so many health benefits to exercising that many scientists regard to it as a miracle when it comes to brain health, immune system strengthening and overall disease prevention. In fact, getting slim is only a fraction of its benefits, a byproduct.

  8. I love how they pretend that 30% of your calorie burn is somehow insignificant. Even in their example, that 200 lb man will have lost 60 pounds from exercise over a year. Well, then, never mind. Totally not worth it.

  9. It is hard to outwork a bad diet but it is possible. I've experienced this firsthand while working a physically demanding job and while also training 6 days per week. There's also a reason why certain athletes are required to eat 10k+ calories per day just to maintain weight. That being said, I do get the point the video is making.

  10. They mention that an hour of cardio burns only as many calories as a burger and fries like that’s a bad thing. It seems pretty worth it to me.. an hour of cardio isn’t too bad, especially if I can offset a whole cheese burger and fries with it.

  11. The reasoning in the video is flawed:
    "physical activity is 10 to 30 % of energy used", therefore, "it's useless".

    It's like "if we can't control 100 % of energy use, doing something even with the part we CAN control is useless".

  12. I think when you start a diet your stupid body will lower your BMR and ptn oxidation thinking that you are in (some thing like starvation),so you will take a lot of time to lose wieght.
    However,excercise helps by not allowing this.

  13. From a purely numbers standpoint, yeah, exercise seems pretty inefficient for calorie expenditure compared to other methods, at least in the short term. It's super determinant on how much effort you put in and it requires consistency. However, we shouldn't be thinking of weight loss but rather fat loss which is what people usually want. Exercise is essential for fat loss and building a good physique.

    While maybe not intentional, the vid does give off a vibe of "exercise takes too long and doesn't burn a ton of calories, so don't waste your time." But really, exercise, especially weight lifting, is the part that ends up accentuating fat loss by creating muscular definition, and changing the way our bodies use energy. It's absolutely essential to any good nutrition plan.

  14. we should make now a study between the people who will follow the advice on that video, and the people who will carry on going to the gym etc. See which ones are the slimmest in the end. That would be a great follow up

  15. Actually, the HUGE gaping hole in this data is STRENGTH EXERCISES. Increasing your muscle mass increases your Basal Metabolic Rate. In fact, when cite specific examples in this video, they mention running and not strength exercises.

    Of course diet is very important. But keeping your muscles in a catabolic state is also very important.

  16. If u wana lose weight just eat healthy. Cut out bread, dairy and meat. Only drink water and green tea. No sugary crap like sweets and cakes. That's it simple and not hard at all.

  17. Insulin directs the show for fat gain and growth hormone directs the show into burning fat and gaining muscle. Ofcourse you need both in equilibrium to be healthy but the balance is shifted to XS insulin and not enough growth hormone(GH) in many people. To reduce insulin and increase GH go ketogenic where you eat mainly fats next protein and next to no carbs ay 30-40g. Next you should do is get proper 8-9 hours of quality REM sleep and supplement vitamin D, magnesium and melatonin at night. Everyone who wants to loose weight should do their research.

  18. This is a very unfortunate and sad video. Weight management is about living a sensible lifestyle that includes eating right, exercising and staying away from harmful activities (too much alcohol, too many double cheeseburgers, too much processed food). But more importantly, it is about discipline and about accepting the fact that we are not babies that require the government or corporations or a personal trainer telling us what to eat and drink. In addition, comparisons to the hunter/gatherer people in the African plains is just plain nonsense. The human body adjusts to extreme conditions, whether it is in the African equator or in the Arctic regions. Metabolic rates will compensate for environmental conditions, whether it is hunger, temperature or caloric burn. If you want to stay within a healthy weight range, eat less, do more, and stop justifying to yourself your childish behavior.