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  1. I was looking for a guide to weight lifting when I came across this 👀 👀 . I wish I had read this years ago! I started lifting weights over 10 years ago, and although I did make some progress, I never knew exactly how to lift the right way to get the most out of it. I always did more cardio than lifting and I realized I needed to gain muscle. Women start losing muscle after age 30, so weight lifting is the perfect way to combat that process. This book has solid advice for not only weight lifting but also nutrition- it's not overly complicated and pretty much anyone can follow it if they are motivated. I had to try out a couple of gyms in my area to make sure they had the equipment I needed but I finally found one. I've been doing the program for a little over 2 weeks and I love it so far. I can tell I'm already getting stronger and I'm looking forward to meeting my goals over the next couple of months. I also love how each workout is planned for you and you just need to make sure you know how to do each exercise beforehand. You're way more likely to stick to a program like this than just going on your own, winging it and wondering why you don't get results.

  2. 7:30, that is out dated, but I am watching this in 2017… The body slowly maintain its need for hunger, the same way a smoker's need for cigs die out when they quit for a long time.

  3. I lost 20kg due to anorexia (69kg to 48kg) When I recovered I was able to maintain a 10% weight loss from my start weight (around 63kg which was a healthy BMI, I was technically 1kg overweight to start). Now I gained the weight back to my heaviest pre anorexia but it took 10 years to get there. I blame myself for not being active due to depression, eating more and eating at cafe I worked at. I then moved states, got help with my depression and started being more active. Without counting calories I went back to my post anorexia healthy weight (63-65kg). I’ve recently lost 4 more kg (now 60kg) and hoping to keep this weight off (note now do 5-7 hours exercise a week and do triathlons which is never done previously). I think my set body Point wasn’t from my heaviest point (69kg) but from my 10% under that (63-65kg). The set point theory confuses me. If someone keeps gaining weight then at what point was their set body Point. I feel like mine has always been around the 63-65kg (obviously I mean set point as an adult) not from my heaviest weight. I think my excess calories caused the heaviest weight. If I kept this weight for a certain amount of time would my set body Point shift? Because if someone constantly gains weight wouldn’t it mean that their body Point shifts with it

  4. These guys don't stand for the whole medical community. It is still calories in calories out and hunger is a feeling and controlled by will-power, self-control [she knows (cfr. 18:16)] like with any fundamental change.
    Some obese people really are experts in excuses and blaming others: environment, toxicity, genetics, …. never themselves.

  5. I'm positive it's all about exercise I eat 6000 calories a day I'm talking about JUNK FOOD too like Wendy's taco Bell chips all that yummy shit I just do 2 hours of cardio and 30 mins of weights everyday at the same time

  6. Been there before, I lost 10kg and about 8cm off the waist but put it back on in 2 months because I fucked my diet plan up got stressed but now i'm back on track with a treadmill and gym equipment ready when I get home along with a new diet plan

  7. Why is it when you ask someone who's lost a heap of weight what the secret is they always say, "Eat healthily and exercise", but when a fat person can't lose weight, there's always some "complex reason"?

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  9. My cousin introduced me towards the diet program called “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). This is a diet program that seriously works. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical however in a couple of weeks I’ve already missing over 14 pounds. Google it to learn more.

  10. while this is discouraging in a way knowing that your cravings will continue forever, you will adapt in a different way.your mood will not have the same response to these cravings and thats what i think is more important. so you will feel hungry but you won't feel the same degree of (sadness irritability) that you were feeling before

  11. hey all, of all the lose fat diets that I have tried, the only program that changed everything for me was Adams fat code (you can look it up on google). Absolutely the most incredible diet that worked amazingly well.

  12. that girl at 1:28 would've looked gorgeous if she was slim since she has such a beautiful face. its a shame now even if she did somehow become slim shes going to have that flab all over her body -_-

  13. +Max0r847 perfectly said. too often ppl think its carbs/calories or just follow one plan made by another human. Just look at neurotoxins in foods. Get that out of ur bod thru non gmo, raw, vegan, wholesome, whatever it is. just not processed, not containing ingredients (yes ingredients but sadly im talking about neurotoxins and other chemicals that are now ingredients; man wat a time) that will toxify your brain. ur mind will then have proper nutrients, minerals and vitamins to help fire neurons that control mood , motivation and other abstract, yet vital aspects of human life. yup, im not BSing, you will feel motivation again, you will feel hyper awareness (not just aware of your surroundings but also aware of your purpose in life, present, progress, future decision making, etc.) Then, only then will you value exercise (my favorite running, biking and swimming; sooo vital to humans;soccer is best sport ever invented tho) and its benefits/purpose, bc when you try to exercise while overweight and highly toxified by the poison in our current food supply, you feel like its pointless and its soo hard, and you tend to quit the exercise lifestyle and revert back to your old obese ways. Sometimes you go back even more gluttonous bc ur mad that u didn't get results and its too hard and wat a waste of time. Listen to Max! A new deoderant and new organic, raw, non gmo, non sulfate soap are the last steps in the weightloss journey you are about to take. and like he said; if u see all this as bs and think its too hard. Just start slowly. let it be a process. thats wat im doing, i have the list of things i now i should do but im doing them at my pace. y bc im being realistic. but i know soon enough; like he said, the scale is gonna tip in my favor (im sure it already is ) and bam I'll have the results and control over my body, and consequently–human experience–that I want.

  14. Think what you all missed about the documentary was that the study was conducted to to see the biological reaction to weight lose, not how to diet you idiots lol. Basically, you're body is fighting weight lose because it isn't inherently what the body wants to do. The take away if watch what you eat and increase you level of activity, even if you have to go to vigorous levels, the body will still feel a need to gain weight therefore, you'll be working out for the rest of your life.

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  16. The Leptin thing is interesting, however, why try and fool the brain into thinking you're fatter than you are, rather we should be trying to figure out how to reset the brain's body weight "set point" so perhaps even before the weight loss your brain is keen to lose the weight in the first place. 

    I mean if the brain can effect metabolic triggers to cause us to regain weight after loss, so too if the brain thinks you're overweight it will produce metabolic triggers to lose the weight.   Instead of increase in appetite and reduction in metabolism, the brain will increase metabolism and decrease our appetite. 

    So what's the mechanism in the brain that sets our body weight at X lbs?  I'm keen on the idea of getting to the root of the problem rather than solving for the effect of being over weight, solve for the cause and yes, reduced calorie consumption and behavior modification is a key to that, but not having your own brain work against you and in fact maybe getting it to work with you in weight loss is best.

  17. It's important for people to know about blood sugar and their pancreas.
    It's hard to get away from high glycemic foods and if people aren't educated you just wind up with diabetes and don't even know why.

  18. If I've been at a lower weight for the majority of my life (by far!) does that mean that I will still struggle more to retain that weight when/if I return to it because I've been 15 pounds heavier for one year? Or is my weight now a new set-point that I will constantly be pushed back up to? because that is a horridly depressing thought.