******Currently unavailable on some mobile devices if this is the case for you please view on a computer!!!******Check out my website.. http://www.kzeefitness.com It is one of my goals in life to inspire others to accomplish their wildest dreams. By creating this video I hope to share my story and my struggle with others, in the hopes that they feel inspired and motivated to become the person they want to be.

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How to deal with bullying : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tumN74DBAA&feature=youtu.be

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  1. I've been struggling with my weight for nearly 3 years😑I used to be too fat when I was 12 but fortunately I could lose a lot of weight in a short time now I'm 16 but still not fit and a little bit chubby. I work out daily but I always binge and can't have control over my eating habit, but I think that this is the real time to get fit and feel more comfortable with myself…😔I wish I can do this

  2. I feel its my story.. I saw ur video and thats motivated me..
    I knOw the feeling people called u by elephant , whale ect.. Im also young like u
    I want to lose weight ..
    I want to know everything about which exercise U did and what type of food u consume ..
    I want to follow u..
    Please help..
    Just want to get out of this type of hell life ama living right now.. Email me the details please .. tabassum.ramjan0@gmail.com

  3. I wanted to know, whether you underwent through surgery to lift your loose skin?
    How did you cover up your loose skin or whether you got loose skin or not…
    Because I am 221 pounds n I'm afraid I'd get loose skin and how would I fix it wirhout surgery….
    Can you give me head's up, please?

  4. Oh dear you look really good! I love it when you said that confidence made you feel beautiful! That's how it should be. Congratulations and I wish you the best. I have PCOS and it's difficult to lose weight. I'm still on weight plateau after losing 20kg but I'm not giving up..like you did! <3

  5. You are an INSPIRATION. Thank you for sharing. It's given me the push to start today. I need to get back to my previous fitness level. So grateful to have found your video. I'm in tears💛

  6. Well good thing people called you fat ,bcz you was ,otherwise if everyone was kind and appreciative of you maybe you would have stayed fat and unhealthy, and as you can see most of fat people can get fit with dedication and hard work .

  7. Gorgeous before and after! Beautiful smile. This has motivated me to lose weight. I'm only 15 but get picked on because of my weight and it doesn't bother me but losing weight is something I want go do for myself and make myself feel better. Thank you so much for sharing your story

  8. ❤ inspirational♥I want to make 2018 my year I will start my weight loss journey on YouTube to be able to stay accountable , I'm a stay at home mom with 3 toddlers which 2 of them are autistic so it's always something new at home and I'm at 205 and this has been the biggest I've ever been and I'm only 25, you are an amazing inspiration

  9. This is absolutely amazing, I honestly congratulate you on what you’ve achieved 👏🏽 I hope to go in the opposite direction and gain weight in muscle, I want to be slim fit not just slim, you’ve really motivated me to start!

  10. I have always struggled with my weight and I’ve tried and failed several times to lose weight. I am starting a new weight loss plan tomorrow and this made me feel even more inspired to see it through and to finally make this change.