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  1. I sincerely wish John was interested in men. He's so awesome and I'd love to have a supportive partner while I go from 384lbs down to my eventual goal of 180. I'm at 370 now, started back in November on the 15th. It's been a challenge.

  2. John I need your help. I'm pretty sure I'm at the same place you were at the beginning with the binge eating. I don't know who else to turn to. This isn't just a journey for weight loss for me it's also for my eye sight. I'm literally going blind by an illness sparked by obesity.

  3. The thing with me is I’m not eating enough calories? I’m suppose to eat 1880 to lose weight but I barely reach 1200 In a day because I’m not always hungry. I’m confused should I eat more? Or work out more and still keep eating the way i am? I don’t wanna gain weight by trying to eat more California that’s just gonna stretch my stomach even more.?

  4. Lastly, I have seen a diet program that is effective for me. We only wish that I had come across this diet plan a long time ago. I know I would of lost a minimum of 14 more lbs. Google “sowo amazing plan” to find out more.

  5. The first technical point to start planning a weight loss program. I personally don't think that it is not VERY accurate though. Based on the TDEE and the cutting percentage you define yourself a total amount of calories to eat and then, you are set to go for the following steps of designing yourself a plan.

  6. Ugh I'm 5'7 and weigh 169 and I'm tryna get down to in the 120-130 range but it's been so difficult, but your videos are really helping me so thank you :))) (I've binge watched legit all of them))

  7. Hmmm. I tried counting calories and getting healthy percents of protein, fats and fiber before carbs around 18 months ago. My tdee was about 3500, I ate between 2100 and 2400 a day. Nothing happened. But I also have a metabolic defect…

  8. Thanks sooo much for your videos!! About a year ago I was looking for inspiration to lose weight and now I've lost almost 40 pounds! Because of your information about your weight loss journey, it inspired me to do the same. Now I'm on the cover of a magazine about my weight loss and get to inspire many teens and kids my age to be healthier all together so a year ago this month is when I started watching so thanks sooooo so much! Also I don't know if your ever gonna read this but thanks anyway 😅

  9. My biggest liquid calorie intake was iced cofees, I know make them at home and the only calories in them are 100ml of milk, so about 22 calories, I used to consume atleast 500 calories a day in iced coffees. So a good way is to just thing smart 🙂

  10. You are amazing i have been watching your videos and i love it ..like you said knowledge is power and im learning a thing or two from you ..feeling grateful 😍😍😍thank you thank you thank you