This has to be one of the world’s most famous sandwiches… Can Jamie improve on it? More importantly, can YOU improve on it? Could we make history with the best sandwich EVER?

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  1. A Philly cheesesteak will never ever have green bell peppers!! Onions-yes, hot peppers-yes, Provolone, American and cheese wiz-yes, green peppers-no never ever

  2. A good cheesesteak sandwich basically has to have all the components of a good burger, except the meat is cut coarsly. You need some meat with a certain fat content, sweetness, sourness, hotness(?), cheesyness. It's basically burger, sorry to disappoint y'all…
    But ok, the ones that you made were quite alright. The advice of freezing the meat was pretty good though.

  3. What is this, Bri''''''''ish people trying to teach how to make a Philadelphia cheese steak? Nah! Stick to crumpets and tea

  4. Is there any other country that likes bad food as much as we do in the US? Isn't there some bad food people in the UK like? (Cue trashing of UK food)

  5. No, just no. Philly cheesesteak is delicious, this is not a Philly cheesesteak, you need very very thinly literally almost chipped beef. Your beef is way too thick. You don't have a taste for what it should be like, because you are not from Philly.

  6. I subbed immediately…Just watching you two…I knew you had something good going.Thank you!Looks delish…Can't wait to try it. :))

  7. Sorted, you are full of shi! A true philly has thin shaved steak, with American cheese, or even better cheez whiz.  You don't toast the roll, nor would you ever add mustard. Your fingers should be chopped off for typing such bullshi!.  Why would you post something that you are obviously clueless about?

  8. I like to marinade the steak, garlic powder or fresh diced garlic, onions, Peppers, black pepper, salt, and lots or Worcestershire sauce, the longer it sits to marinade the better, makes for a very tender melt in the mouth Philly.

  9. A real Philly Cheese Steak has cheese whiz cooked in with the meat guys. Otherwise, it's just a cheese steak hoagie. Come on now!

  10. Don't season your steak until it's almost done and cook it low and slow. I'll give them a break because they are obviously not from Philadelphia

  11. Cheesesteak, yes. Philly cheesesteak, no. Never put bell peppers on a Philly cheesesteak. Hot peppers, sure. But bell peppers… total California cheesesteak move.

  12. I'm born and raised in Philly; still live here. The best cheese steaks are at small neighborhood stores. Jim's, Pat's and Geno's do not make the best cheese steaks in Philly. They are just tourist attractions. You do not put cheese whiz on a real Philly cheese steak. A real Philly cheese steak has the meat shredded thin and is on a soft Amoroso roll.