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  1. The only thing I added to this is a couple of passes of a zester over an orange. A lemon or kumquat would also work.

    Also, pop the milk into the microwave for 20 or so, till it loses its coldness. No more chilling the melted butter.

  2. Pancakes from scratch has never been practiced in my family. My mother has always "preferred" to make pancakes from a box. Now that I am older, I am able to make pancakes from scratch, I've been trying recipes online, giving every kind of "old fashioned pancake" recipe a try, but none of them have turned out too well for me. This one takes the (pan) cake! Letting it sit for 5 minutes before cooking it seems to be what I've been missing all along. Glad I found this video, I make tasty pancakes from scratch now – even my mother likes it better than her usual "box" mix. Thank you! <3

  3. I've had these but with a lil difference (we were out camping and we had some milk that soured,I know that sounds aweful) so that was used, BUT
    Let me tell you those were the best I've had!!

  4. Replace the milk with 7-Up. It causes the pancakes to rise more and does not add any additional taste to the cakes. The carbonation causes some rise, but the citric acid in 7-Up reacts with the baking powder and causes a substantial rise while cooking. Oh, and there is nothing wrong with that Big Name Box Mix. It's all the ingredients, just mixed for you!

  5. After trying endless pancake recipies this is the first one that works in every aspect: amazing taste, super fast, very easy!!! Thanks a lot!

  6. little tip: first, work in only the milk, then the butter, last the egg. this way, you get a smoother dough, AND you have the time to look for the whisk 🙂

  7. Chef John.. you are the best… Thank you a million times for this and so many other great recipes… and thank you for making us laugh..

  8. Dad grew up on s.Dakota farm during depression. A fond memory is remembering when dad showed me how to make and tend pancakes.
    Going to have some pancakes this morning.