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  1. My co-workers all follow the “fetching tuti space” (Google it) and they have dropped between 9 and 13 lbs each so far. They told me Google it along with test it too. As soon as I started following it the weight just decreased 13 lbs.

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  3. I am 13 and weigh 140 lbs which I think is very unhealthy but my family got a gym membership so I’m considering if I should start going I was thinking for weeks of what I would do because I can’t really run because I have bad knee problems so I’m thinking of cycling I used to enjoy riding my bike when I was little so I’m going to go ahead and try it. But my one concern is since I’m trying to lose about 25 pounds I’m not sure if it’s healthy for a 13 year old to lose weight . also my family eats so unhealthy like they eat fast food like everyday and it’s hard to eat healthy.

  4. You are absolutely correct about the cycling and the running. I tried running at 300 lbs and ended up with a stress fracture in my left legs and shin splints. It put me down for 4 months, if not longer. I was too heavy for running and my legs couldn't support me. I was told that running is bad for your joints anyway, regardless of size. I now do treadmill everyday if possible, which doesn't burn a whole lot, but it is something. I loss more than 100 pounds just walking laps around my favorite park, which added up to 3 miles every single day. My favorite things to do now are the elliptical machines/crossramps and spin (cycling) class at the YMCA. They also offer aquatic zumba, which is low impact and fun.

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