This breakfast is made with Sausage, eggs, cheese, and croutons!!!! OMGGGGG SO DELISH!!!!



  1. Ok, I did it! 1. I overdid it with the salt on the egg. Do not do same mistake. 2. My kids actually ate it! They are picky. 3. Other than the salt, shucks, it was delicious! 4. Next time I will skip the butter on croutons.

  2. I made your casserole this morning and you're right. It was the best breakfast casserole I've ever tasted. Thank you! 🙂

  3. no whisk?!!!lol I like the meat mincher though!! looks great…I am making this for my man..he's a greedy pig!!lol eats while I sleep and wants to know what I am eating if I come into the kitchen without him!!lol

  4. I really dont know why you cooked the sausage meat in the pan, & then cooked the sausage meat again for 45mins in the oven, so i guess thsts okay if yu like hard crispy sausage meat, thats over cooked. Nice recipe, but would be costing saving to make yr own croutons wt stale bread. You hv a nice bubbly personality.

  5. Thank you sooooo much!!!! I had this at a Christmas breakfast party and was DYING for the recipe. The girls wouldn’t give it up completely but thanks to good searching I found you. It looks like a near exact match!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Oh my god!!! This shit is so unhealthy!!!! This is for breakfast!!!! All that melted butter, loads of cheese, croutons! Who the hell eats like that in the morning???No wonder you're overweight!!!

  7. how long would you cook this for if you're using a slow cooker/crockpot instead?? My boyfriend and I are in a hella small apartment and that's only "baking"/cooking dish I have at the moment…

  8. I would like to make this for breakfast while camping this weekend…any tips on the best flavor of croutons to use??? Thank you for your advice in advance!

  9. I was thinking the same about the egg shell part!! I laughed some!
    Aint that the truth! No matter how perfect one is lol 🙂