Recipe Video for Thin and Thick Teriyaki Sauce
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Learn how to make a finger licking good Teriyaki Sauce from scratch. You can use this sauce on many different food dishes; I love to use the thick sweet teriyaki sauce by brushing it on to some tender spare ribs or some juicy fried chicken wings.

– Garlic and Ginger (1x small bit of each)
– 1 tsp Sesame seed oil + 2 tsp olive oil
– 50 g Brown Sugar (1.76 oz)
– 150 ml Soy Sauce (0.63 US Cup)
– 150 ml Mirin (0.63 US Cup)
– 50 ml Sake (0.21 US Cup)
– Toasted Sesame seeds (for thick sauce)

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  1. Who has mirin and sake in their kitchen?! …if you have to go out and buy mirin and sake … Might as well just BUY teriyaki sauce.. lol

  2. I thought this was a comedy skit at first; with the small slithers of garlic and ginger. Are you serious? I bet you are the kind of guy that cuts the crust of his samiches. What is this world coming to?

  3. Ginger and garlic were cut inappropriately…. That quantity is not strong enough for sauce besides you put soo much brown sugar (atleast it's Brown and not white sugar)…. not good enough

  4. What is this accent called?
    It's reminiscent of a mule attempting to gargle the alphabet with a mouth full of marbles and dung. Urglop-terblerph'der'purggleslorp 'n guhnt t-mlrph t'wrophter mumty….. sersha… erm'gay.

  5. thank you – this was very good! made teriyaki tofu and used your recipe and liked it better than others I had tried – the saki gave it a nice background flavor