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Imagine Tandoori — just healthier…and prettier…and yummier and so different! Impossible, right? Well, wait till you try the Tandoori Broccoli! Finger-licking good is the only way we can describe this Tandoori Broccoli Dish. Serve it up as an appetizer or as a side to a meal and WOW everyone.



  1. I have to try some Indian food someday. It looks like it would be so tasty, with all of those spices. Take care ladies and all your recipes look amazing, peace!!

  2. xcellet recipie thanks for sharing! well i wana make this but i dont have a working electric grill/oven right now! how do i make over gas stove!?

  3. Thank you both — for a very nice, informative, and fun presentation! I like your style! 🙂 Plus I love broccoli and tandoori spice so this recipe is definitely a hit with me! Thank you for adding another spicy recipe to my life! 🙂

  4. hi there Hetal, have you think of something on the boiling mixture, something like soup or juice? i think it's full of minerals and vitamins..thanks..

  5. the translation of panch phoron got me.. (i am a bengali).. am gonna make this for my wife… she loves pickles.. so its a win-win…

  6. I have a convection microwave. I don't have broiler function on it. How do I go about this recipe then? Please reply as I really wanna try this recipe

  7. Hello ladies greetings, I wanna thank you guys for all the delicious recipes you guys are putting out . I had made the marinated mushroom and it was hmmm
    Know its broccoli time, Keep showing me the curry