Tamago egg omelette recipe from Japan. Tamagoyaki Copper Pan: http://www.makesushi.com/product/tamagoyaki-copper-pan/

In this video recipe tutorial Chef Devaux shows how to make tamago, a traditional Japanese omelette made to be used in sushi or bento boxes and other delicious Japanese recipes.

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  1. You guys must be fucking good at origanmy..folding those layers so perfectly. I know the first thing I would do is splash the hot egg into my face lol. Nice video, much appreciated.

  2. I've seen recipes for tamagoyaki that mention using soy sauce instead of dashi, and then others which mention using both soy sauce and dashi, all of which would go in along with the mirin, sugar, and salt. Do you happen to know which combination would be the most commonly used in Japanese cooking?

  3. Davy Devaux is not only good in his cooking instruction but his sensible way in sharing good tips is impeccable! That distinguishes him from many others and he really knows what he's talking about….I'm gonna be watching out for him/you Chef!

  4. Lol did you say tamagoki @ 8:23? You did a pretty nice job, but some layers were a little over cooked. "Ta-ma-go-ya-ki" lol It's like so easy to pronounce.

  5. You are absolutely awful at making this. I can't believe that you even thought about teaching people how to "properly" make this and you can't even pronounces it correctly.