Story Time – Here is My Going Vegan Experience and Weight Loss Story – vegan benefits!!

Learn About Your DNA:

This is the story of how I turned my deteriorating health around and became vegan in the process! : )





  1. I have an oral allergy syndrome which means I am allergic to vegetables, I want to become vegan but I cannot have vegetables do you have any suggestions? I am also allergic to nuts as well.

  2. I've been lifting for years. I've always ate clean but never really counted my macros. Since I started, I'm already down 10 lbs without killing myself on the treadmill. I love that (((Don’t Miss Free Source 👀 👀 ))) breaks down the myths of the fitness world. I'll no longer waste my time struggling with super sets.

  3. I only watched your video for motivation on a HCLF lifestyle, I’m on week two and very motivated . You are great! First of all because you speak fast and get to the point, I hate long YouTube videos. Second because you are so real and honest.I look forward to seeing more videos from you. I’m a pediatric nurse, I raised a daughter, and had self esteem issues myself. I am most impressed by your confidence in quitting all your psych meds. Most people don’t know that is normal to be very emotional , hyperactive , independent, and irresponsible as a teen. Instead they medicate little ones. So glad you quit your meds found health, happiness and healing. You are are an inspiration to all ages

  4. I am so inspired, I’ve been wanting to go vegan for a while now but of course people make me feel stupid for even thinking about it. I am so overweight so I need to do something! Thanyou for telling your story it was very interesting!!

  5. I'm sure you have an inspiring story…BUT, I could not make out what it is because you talk so fast. Please slow down so us older folks can understand what you are saying…bless you…

  6. Wow I am so happy I came across your channel. Absolutely love this. I am trying to go full vegan but I am still struggling. I don't eat meat anymore but I struggle to cut out dairy products. Any tips or advice? xxx

  7. The breast cancer gene LMFAO  what next?  The heart attack gene?   The drowning gene?  Breast cancer is caused by alcohol consumption, plain and simple.  We have known this in Australia for years.  The link was actually found to be stronger than the well established link between smoking and lung cancer.

  8. New subscribers here after watching this particular video. Beautifully done and on point. We've been plant-based for almost 5 years and I totally agree. ❤🌼❤🌼❤🌼❤🌼❤🌼❤🌼❤🌼❤

  9. Hi! I stumbled on your page –and I must say I am really glad I did. YOUR VIDEOS ARE TRULY AWESOME! I related to all the aspects of your life, on and off the meds. Like you, I researched and found ways to not rely on meds. HOWEVER, unlike you, I didn’t share what worked for me, and I therefore admire you for sharing your experiences with others.

  10. I have celiac disease and my health is becoming horrible! So I have decided to go vegan as well! I started with cutting meat. I do feel less tired after eating cutting out meat. Trying to now cut out the dairy and animal
    By products. I'm curious how you are "at risk for celiac" Celiac is a genetic auto immune disease. So you technically don't just get it. You can have it, and it be dormant. But you don't just developed it out of no where due to diet.