Slow Cooker Recipes

I have been hunting for good slow cooker recipes for years, and I can’t appear to find whatever I like. I guess this is due to I am very picky as to what I like to eat, and several of the recipes that I come upon have something in the individual that I just can’t stomach.

Slow Cooker Recipes

I am still searching though, and I aspire to come up with at the very least ten of these that are fantastic and really very easy to throw together. There are just days when I know I have a large amount of work to do and I prefer to spend my down time with my young daughter than by cooking dinner.

Slow Cooker Recipes guide

Slow cooker recipes are everywhere, and you could find them having a simple online search. The most common type are recipes for stew, nevertheless they all appear to have precisely the same ingredients. The problem that I have is I do not like cooked onions, if a recipe demands them, I won’t ensure it is.

My husband thinks I’m being silly, but I just can’t eat them. I like them raw using a burger or hotdog, but I cannot will have them in slow cooker recipes. Unfortunately, this lessens my options quite substantially.


You might not be as picky as I am, of course, if that is the case, you have to have no problem finding slow cooker recipes that you’re going to love to lead to your family. For the most part, simply add the constituents to your cooker, turn it on and ignore it all day. You shouldn’t even have to stir it. You can even find great slow cooker recipes as part of your local market. They have kits which are already created and you usually discover them in the freezer section. All you have to do is dump the contents to your crock-pot and turn it on. It doesn’t get less of a challenge than that.


I could finish up needing to find slow cooker recipes that I can alter. Though it might take some doing, I’m sure there is one area I can do. I am not a chef, but I do know for sure how to experiment, even if it means ordering pizza some nights when a couple of of my creations are yet to worked out like I had hoped they did. In the mean time, I will keep search for slow cooker recipes that has to be able to be used, and possibly try a couple of from the market.