Sicilian Arancini are deliciously plump stuffed rice balls filled with ragu, peas, mozzarella and deep fried. Arancini are originally from Sicily and my version is simple to make and coated with fresh breadcrumbs making them extra crispy and simply exquisite.

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Sicilian Arancini Recipe | Homemade Italian Rice Balls Recipe

1 x can of Mutti Doppio Concentrato (Double concentrate tomato sauce)
150g baby peas
550-600g mixed pork/veal mince
1 carrot (chopped into pieces)
1 celery branch (chopped into pieces)
¼ onion (chopped into pieces)
4-5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
A few pinches of table salt
Generous bunch of fresh basil leaves
1 glass of water

1 fresh mozzarella ball (or Fior di latte)
500g Aborio rice
Thin slice of butter
¼ onion (chopped into pieces)
1 x vegetable stock cube
Fresh breadcrumbs in a wide bowl
1L water
Small bowl of water for your hands
2 eggs
Vegetable oil (enough for frying)

1 x medium size non-stick frypan
1 x medium pot for rice
1 x whisk or fork
1 x wooden spoon
1 x medium tray

Vincenzo’s Tip: Before starting to cook, place the empty tray into the freezer. You will use this to cool down the rice later on.

1. Put the frypan on the stove at a medium-high heat.
2. Add 4-5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil along with the chopped carrot, celery and onion until it begins to brown, then add the mince.
3. Mix the meat through using a wooden spoon and turning it over until both sides begin to brown.
4. After a couple of minutes, add fresh basil by breaking the leaves into small pieces, peas and a glass of water.
5. Leave this simmering and once it reduces, add the Mutti concentrate and mix jut through.
6. Add a tablespoon of salt after 2 minutes and mix it once again.
7. Leave this to simmer on the stove on a medium-low heat for around 10 minutes.

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  1. Hi I’m Alessio and I just subscribed to you after watching you on Tabi eats.
    I just watched your Sicilian Aranchini and liked the way you made them, looked really delicious, you also asked if we ever been to Sicily and yes I have. My favourite town in Sicily is a town called Licata which is a province of Agrigento, Licata is a lovely beach town where I think some of the best tasting foods come out of.
    I can still taste the wonderful and delicious foods I have eaten there, I miss the pasta cu finuccedru rizzu, and I mbavolettete Di sarde, enzalata di purpe and many more!
    Anyway I just wanted to say keep up the good work Vincenzo, ci vediamo caro Vice’, stai bene!

  2. thank you so much , my fiancé is from Sicily and he like arancini  from his mom , I want to surprise him with this . when I make them I let you know how everything go , thanks aging , linda from Orlando fl

  3. Mille grazie per ci mostrare come fare di magiare le arancine! Voglio fare di mangiare questo piatto per mio padre e adesso lo io posso! il preferito posto mio in Sicilia é la spiaggia che é dieci minuti fuori di Cinisi! É molta bellisima!!
    (I'm pretty sure I did something wrong in this. I always use some kind of wrong wording. But hey, it's good practice!)

  4. I have never been to Sicily but as soon as I win the lotto I will go. Will you cook with Me? 😉😉 My ancestors are from Sicily. They are from Naro and Corleone. I make these arancini too . Why are some cone shaped??? I have only made round like a Sicilian orange . Thanks for the video.

  5. Palermo! Birth place of my Nonna. This recipe takes me straight to my childhood! My family love them too! Thank you bello vincenzo x x x x

  6. Ribera is where my family is from I have been there 4 times Vincenzo. My brother is named after my nonno Vincenzo but we call him Enzo. My name is Domenico Moscato and Arancini is my favorite food ever. Thank you can't wait to make these.

  7. non si può vedere il ragù fatto così -.- bisogna farlo coi pomodori freschi passati non con il concentrato -.- !!!!! e il burro non c'enta nulla nell'arancina alla carne…. ameno che non la fai col burro e il prosciutto a dadini e soprattutto si usa il riso giallo allo zafferano p.s. sono siciliano non è per fare il saputello ma esportate un modo sbagliato di cucinare italiano

  8. Just got back from Sicily and immediately looked up this recipe and panelle! Favorite place was Taormina, but I also really liked Cefalu!

  9. Sicily is lots uf unique places. Its like food, easy to say you have a favourite food, but having only that is going to make it no favourite any more. Maybe caponata disproves my point😎😎😎

    Anyway, two places in Sicily i would hold especially high is Enna and Castellamare del Golfo. Both with their own special scent of Sicily, the greatness of the local food, the welcoming ways of the Sicilian people.

    My best meal ever i had in the northmost restaurant at the beach in Fontane Biance, most recomended.

    On aranchini, i witnessed the biggest argument with three elderly men and an old street cook in Favignana, the use of cheese was the main argument. The one opposing the use of cheese had his main argument that he was palermian and the dish was palermian and no palermian in his right mind would put cheese in his aranchine. Anyways, i argued that we were not in Palermo and that i have to trust the good judgement of the cook for what i eat. She wanted to mary me and i got my aranchina Palermo style. With this illustration, i allways point out Sicily as an Italy in concentrate.

    Thank you for the recepie👍👍👍


  11. Grazie per questo video, sta sera gli mangio! Sono Olandese e 15 anni fa vivevo in Milazzo, Sicilia. Ricordo encora mio primo arancino…nom nom, cosi buono!! Mio posto favorito in Sicilia è… Taormina;)