Shepherd Pie Recipe - EastWest version

This special recipe has had the best Shepherd Pie of all possible, with the addition of some Eastern ingredients to the Western recipe. By using chilies, oyster sauce and chicken stock, when combined the traditional pie sauces, it seems sensible a delicious and moist meat base with just a tad of kick through the chilies.

Shepherd Pie Recipe – EastWest version

For more or a reduced amount Shepherd Pie of the ingredients, it’s entirely approximately the individual, but I would utilize the following estimates geared to my taste bud.

I have baked this on many occasions and it also never Shepherd Pie does not get people requesting the recipe.


500g minced meat; 1-1.5kg potatoes; 3-4 tbsp Shepherd Pie ketchup; 3-4 oyster sauce; 2-3 tbsp Worchester sauce; 3 medium onions; 6 garlic ; 3-4 glasses of mixed vegetables (green peas, corn, carrot); 4-6 tbsp milk; 4-6 tbsp butter; 2 chicken cubes; 4-5 chilli paid (small chillies and hotter compared to a ones, in any other case available, normal chillis can nevertheless be used); sliced button mushrooms ; grated cheese; salt and pepper.

Methods for making the meat filling:

Saute/fry onions for some time, add the minced meat, stir till it’s almost cooked. Add the sauces, chicken cubes, oyster sauce, ketchup. Then add mixed veggies, mushrooms, chillis. Salt and pepper. If you’ll want, you are able to remove the chilies through the mixture once cooked.

Methods to create the mash potatoes:

Boil potatoes and mash (without skin certainly). Add milk and butter; salt and pepper. Ensure they’re well mixed. (I always get just a bit more milk and butter).

For baking:

Place minced meat mixture in a very baking tin, level it. Place the mashed potatoes on the top and level it. Use a fork to generate some designs number one,
when it’s brown, makes it look pretty.

Then sprinkle grated cheese on
top, the amount you desire, it’s as much as you. Bake in pre-heated oven at
210C for estimated 30-40minutes, the book once within a while, provided that the
top is brown, you happen to be done.

Some tips:

I employed to mash potatoes beginning with boiling all of them with the skins, then peel them and mash them, that was usually quite difficult work. Till I was
taught by the chef, who peeled the potatoes before boiling and cut them up
into cubes, add salt.

They cook faster and for that reason easy to mash, and
shortchange the flavors. For the westerners, should you not wish to use
chillis, use a great deal of pepper. For the Asians with fiery tongue, use chili
pads for your kick, more if you’ll want but don’t get burned!