Faq Friday is a weekly series where I answer all of your fitness and weightloss related questions. Comment below to possibly be featured in next weeks episode. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Thyroid disease has killed my sex drive and I’m only 36 :-(… even being fit hasn’t helped . Going to doctors to get my hormones tested . Been three years no drive 🙁 . . .

  2. Dont be modest. You can probably get laid as much as you want. I bet you're great in bed. Guys who work out usually are. My husband does gymnastics and is in great shape and he is like an Energizer Bunny with a penis. Its great. I will be paying attention to my protien from now on too.

  3. Not only does it make you show more, you also have cleared plaque out of your penile artery, so you have more frequent involuntary and higher quality errections and blood flow down there. So your nourishing it better.

  4. your just so amazing you look cool in your new body as having weight loss really important for everyone who has an abnormal BMI, looking at your video i was inspired to do some exercises indeed its good for the health.

  5. hi, nice video, my name is jorge, i doing a high fat low carb and moderate protein, i los 35 pound in 2 months and still loosing. can i work out with this diet? should i increase protein intake? i also keeping my carbs at 5 to 15 per day. MY BODY FAT IS AT 30 RIGHT NOW,. i need to go down on that. whTs your advise? thanks in advance.

  6. Hey i just turned 18 am good looking,<been hitting the gym since 2015 and ran a lot> and i have plenty of confidence , have plenty of close female and male friends but am still a virgin and never had a girlfriend before and people are astonished when i tell them that. Tips XD???What could be the problem with meh 🙁 ?

  7. More muscle will help you to burn fat. That's a part of why you can even be able to loose weight through working out. That pizza will take you FOREVER to burn off on the treadmill, but physical activity DOES increase your metabolism (as well as being good for your overall health). That's also why cocain addicts are mostly skinny (cocain also raises your metabolism, but thats not so healthy…).