Scotch Broth Recipes

Scotch Broth Recipes

Scotch Broth Recipes.There are some flavors which linger inside the mind forever; a good soup, a comforting hotpot, a well liked cake or biscuit. One with the enduring flavors of my childhood became a traditional Scotch Broth – my aunts utilized to make this for all of us when we traveled to visit.

You can differ the ingredients if you realise some nearly impossible to find. However, I’d suggest that you try and keep within the small amount of cabbage or kale, simply because this adds a gift to the broth!

Ingredients Scotch Broth Recipes

1lb neck of mutton (or some beef, or minced beef…. you receive the picture!)
Approx 2 pints of water
1-2 ozs of barley
Handful of dried peas, soaked overnight to soften
1 medium turnip
2 carrots
1 leek
1 onion
Small section of cabbage or winter greens or kale
Parsley, pepper and salt.

Scotch Broth Recipes

I utilize a large pan having a solid, heavy base to get this to soup. (A pressure cooker is okay.)

Put water into the pan, add the meat and also the well-washed barley. Bring for the boil, add the diced turnip, carrots, chopped leek, finely chopped onion and peas; limit the temperature to your gentle simmer. Cook very slowly around 90 minutes and add the cabbage.

Before serving, lift out of the meat (ok, not the mince, that couldn’t survive possible), dice it and return it on the soup. Season to taste and add the chopped parsley.

Serve hot with delicious home-made bread or possibly a wholemeal scone (biscuit??)

I we do hope you enjoy this little taste of Scotland.