Recipiy’s Scholarships for Health Insurance

A 500$ Health Insurance Scholarship

Recipiy examining most recent electronic products and devices in different product categories and also assisting customers to figure out the best product which will fulfil almost all their prerequisites.

Example:  Affordable Health Care Act


We understand the effectiveness of the written and published content on the web as well as physical and would like to help out the inspiring brains display their competencies in this field.

Cheap Travel Health Insurance 

Making an attempt to scatter know-how, we are opening our annual Health Insurance scholarship program to innovative brains of Postgraduate as well as Undergraduate individuals who show the very same enthusiasm with us. Then definitely go out for this $500 scholarship prize.

If you believe you have got what is needed to have the program, we seriously motivate you to definitely try it out. May be you could be the one to get it.

Those individuals that are in these days researching in the areas of Advertising , Business , IT or Communications is likely to be very enthusiastic about this scholarship course , as well as one doesn’t need to have proficiency in this field , interest for online marketing content making is sufficient.

To take part in this scholarship program you need to explore and write some articles between 500-1000 words relating to the subject. Health Insurance and its Importance in 2017.

We would like you to incorporate the following thoughts:

  • How come you think that online marketing is essential?
  • How is it applied to our website/articles?

The individual who does the highest quality will get $500 which they can use either in program materials or extra sources. If you wish to find out more, please keep reading.

Creativity and Eligibility

This scholarship is just for individuals which are presently registered in high schools, universities, or colleges.

The piece of writing you will write has to be and unique. The words of the articles should be able to assure anyone you are aware what you’re performing and you are right.

While going through the content that are provided, we will look closely at numerous elements such as originality, worth of the provided info and many others.

How you can send the application

Write a content of 500-1000 words and send us the .doc file. Furthermore, please include the URL to your site (If you have any).

After doing all these things, email us the Word fileat along with all the information noted below.

  • Your Personal Information (Complete name, phone number and mailing address).
  • The name of the school you go to.
  • What you are studying
  • Evidence that you are a student of the school you defined.

By sending your content, you are letting us to use your articles for promos and marketing.