A Breakfast Burrito is the best to get you going after a late night out partying or a long night of drinking . This cheesy spicy bacon, potatoes and eggs delight will set you straight, or put you right back to bed LOL !

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  1. Stumbled across this after eating a fast food breakfast burrito and wishing I hadn't been so lazy

    This guy is refreshingly awkward in front of the camera. Love the three camera setup. My new favorite cook.

  2. I need help I have a cooking assessment soon and I'm making a burrito I need to know how long I cook the potatoes for
    And if I don't use potatoes what do you think I should replace it with?

  3. Damn that looks good, I'll have to whip it up one day after a night on the turps. Although last time I tried to cook up something gourmet with a hangover I nearly passed out on my feet, lol.

  4. I make a lot– and I mean a lot of country potatoes. I've never used green onion and jalapeños with them, but I'm really excited to try now.

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  6. I watch this video at least once a week while I eat a homemade breakfast burrito. I also use El Yucateco and feel like I'm right there with you!! Thanks so much

  7. Men i would like to buy you a beer, you look like a fun person to be with. Thanks for the recipe i can use this weekend after a drink up.