Request an Idol:
Wendy is a fresh idol in her early twenties, as a member of Red Velvet, running 4 years now. However Wendy has struggled much to get where she is and recently even more.
Wendy has dieted back and forth trying to control her weight but recently some fans think she may have gone to far and the hate she received is starting to hurt her.
Thankfully Wendy has begun prioritizing her health it appears and she seems to be slowly returning to a more stable weight.



  1. I'm crying… I hate those people… She's just gorgeous 💕 Wendy is perfect and she has to be healthy. I don't want her to suffer or to faint bc she doesn't eat. Remember that you are gorgeous the way you are, don't let anybody tell you what you have to look like bc they don't know how you really feel. I love you Wendy! You are sooo damn talented, beautiful inside and out and you have a wonderful voice 💓

  2. KPop industry is so gross when it comes to weight. She was a perfectly normal and beautiful girl, but unless you‘re not sticky thin and perceiving food as the enemy youöre not fit to be an idol. Horrible.

  3. You should NEVER shame someone into feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. It’s sad to think that in the Kpop industry idols are starving themselves to fit a look that just isn’t realistic. Much love for Wendy and anyone going through that pain❤️💕

  4. I hate people criticising other people about gaining weight.I get it we get worried about them,but can't you see they struggle the same way we do.And is even hard for them because their managers are strict about their diet,people admires them as their model.I mean is not like we have perfect body's either.Alot of people struggles of loosing or gaining weight to get the right body they want.So is better to support them not judge them or hurt them.