This is my natural body transformation and progress over the past two weeks of my cut. I lost a total of 5.7 pounds so far while maintaining all of my strength and muscle. This is as realistic as it can get when it comes to natural bodybuilding. I still have over 6 weeks left of my cut and If I can accomplish this while living with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac disease then so can you! I hope you find my 2 week transformation motivating or inspiring in any way! If you enjoyed the video please make sure to drop a like, leave a comment and subscribe if you haven’t already! Thank you!
My name is Aseel Soueid and I make videos about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle by providing a variety of informative videos and entertaining vlogs. I preach a lifestyle where you can easily achieve your fitness goals no matter what conditions or circumstances you face in your life. I teach you how to train the most effective and enjoyable way while still eating your favorite foods on a daily basis. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to stay up to date!
Vlog series which includes tracking my cut/shred progress through physique updates, full day of eating / meals and the every day life of Aseel Soueid who is a Type 1 Diabetic living with celiac disease, lactose intolerance as well as being a college student.

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  1. The guide 👀 👀 is phenomenal. Honestly,Go ahead and just forget every single thing you thought you knew about health and fitness and do yourself a favor by reading this guide. I've only been following the routine plan for about 2 weeks and I've had better results in this short time than I have in about 2 years of weight training (or what I thought was weight training) and even cut down another 5 pounds. It gives you a really simple and easy understanding of the anatomy of the body and what exactly you need to fuel yourself with for optimal results. I have already recommended this guide to all of the females I train with, and even mentioned it to my personal trainer 😉 He hasn't changed anything about my routine because my strength and endurance is greatly improving.

  2. Hey just subscribed! During your bulk you never seemed to put on that much fat even though your bulk was over 1 year? Did you just slowly increase your calorie intake to minimize fat gain?

  3. What's your goal for cutting? Do u have a set BF% you want to drop by the end of the 8 weeks or are you maintaining a consistent cut and accept wherever you're at by the end of the 8 weeks?