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  1. This workout looks very easy to do BUT IT’S NOT. I got tired halfway through it! But it does look very interesting so I guess that I would want to this constantly. My goal is to reduce the size of my belly fat. I hope this workout could help me through it. I’ll try to update my results here

  2. this video really help me so much to doin work out at my home without have to go outside. And help me to lose 8pounds of my weight. But after i dont doing the exercise again im becoming fat again. SO I WANT TO DOINT THIS CARDIO WORK OUT FOR MY HOT DAMN BODY. wish me luck xo

  3. I know it's best to exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast, a little water and then get to it. Not only did I have to pause and catch my breath a few times but I had to stop halfway through and eat an avocado. Good stuff! Thank you! Hello 2018, goodbye dad bod.

  4. Full workout test:
    (I will be filling in my progress daily, by editing this comment.)

    I'm 15, meaning I'm still currently in high school, and taking several honors classes, I have a very limited amount of time. I'm 5'6" and weigh 120 Ibs, but am used to being fairly fit. I'm certainly not overweight, but what access weight I do have tends to go straight to my stomach. This personally bothers me, and I would be jogging if it wasn't winter. I plan to do track in the spring, but as of right now, my plan is to do this workout every morning, along with cutting down on the amount of junk food and sweets I eat.

    -Day 1: Just attempted to do this workout without breaks, and lapsed at the burpees.
    -Day 2: First time doing it in the morning, got to
    -Day 3:
    -Day 4:

    End result:
    Was: 120 Ibs Now: