Khandvi making has now become so much quick and easy with pressure cooker. No more nightmares while preparing Khandvi…
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  1. Hey Bhavna…I tried it turns out awesome….how many whistles will be needed if we take 2 cups of new besan to make more quantity?

  2. This is an opos (one pot one shot) recipe developed by the OPOS School and posted one year back. Please credit the source when you use other's recipes.

  3. Hi my presssure cooker is not working properly, no whistles are coming. can you tell me approx no of minutes i should keep in pressure cooker.

  4. Hi Bhavna, my mum was champion of the champions way back in the 60's, back in Uganda,in our home town was the only one who could make this khandvi, I remember me kept on stirring and stirring,then she spread on a big metal sheet and the speed she was doing was just amazing,and not to forget the weddings,for over thousand guest, she was watching the video, and said you. Jai swaminaran.