Thank you for joining me with healing prayers for weight loss. Hi, I’m Renee Dumont founder of Conquer Cravings 4 Christians | | prayer for weight loss | God wants to heal you through the power of the Holy Spirit.2
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I hope you feel at peace and more powerful through the holy Spirit. MY prayer for weight loss: I know many of us are struggling to lose weight and you know we get in our place where really frustrated and I believe that prayer is the number one answer to weight loss. I just want to start by inviting the Holy Spirit to fill us. I want to Pray for healing miracles for weight loss right NOW!

God I asked you to fill us with your Spirit. I pray this miracle prayer God, that people would supernaturally just want to eat more fruits and vegetables and foods that you created by your own hands for our good nutrition. Open our understanding that these foods will give us the strength because you have provided it for us. In the authority of Jesus’s name I pray that healing miracles are coming to you right now.
I prayed it I believe it and I expect miracles for my weight loss in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Weight Loss is Achievable through DAILY prayer and i am here to lift you up to our heavenly Father. God is so good! Praise the Lord!

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  1. TISWAS Police 5 Shaw Taylor Credit Reference. I Morine Barnes need a pray to lose weight. I Morine Barnes is 14st 2lbs DEPRESSION. I got 5st 2lbs FAT to lose to maintain 9st Dr RB Chitre cares I. I Morine Barnes diet as prescribed professionalism do able in good faith. 800kcal vegetarian daily and exercise 3 times a week at the gym Ivy the Nurse exercise on prescription plus 1 hour daily walk. I pray for a miracle to lose weight after trying every diet and exercise products on the market. I need your help God. Morine Barnes 58. Donald 59, Myola 37 & Rommel Edwards 35. Graham 90. Amen.