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Power Yoga for Weight Loss & Belly Fat, Beginners 20 Minute Workout at Home, Total Body Routine

Sanela, Joy & Myra help you burn fat and build strength. Target belly fat and glutes in this Beginners Power Yoga Workout. This yoga flow is effective for all levels.

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin.

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Many thanks to Treehouse Yoga Studio for use of their beautiful space.

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  1. The guide 👀 👀 is phenomenal. Honestly,Go ahead and just forget every single thing you thought you knew about health and fitness and do yourself a favor by reading this guide. I've only been following the routine plan for about 2 weeks and I've had better results in this short time than I have in about 2 years of weight training (or what I thought was weight training) and even cut down another 5 pounds. It gives you a really simple and easy understanding of the anatomy of the body and what exactly you need to fuel yourself with for optimal results. I have already recommended this guide to all of the females I train with, and even mentioned it to my personal trainer 😉 He hasn't changed anything about my routine because my strength and endurance is greatly improving.

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  3. here's a few things for yoga for reducing weight
    Find a reputable program locally or online and stick to it
    Do yoga with a friend so you have another person to encourage you
    (I discovered these and why they work from Betwans Yoga Blog site )

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  5. The instructor's exasperated breathing, almost sniffling, is very distracting and uninspiring. Add that to the extremely repetitive, boring moves – why did even both trying this out the second time around? One of the worse yoga, if not a workout video in general, videos.

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