Taters Gone Wild, these BBQ Pit Boys stuffed Baked Potato Bombs are kick-ass good eatin’ at any Pit, family picnic or tailgating party. So crank up the music, put your BBQ Shoes on, pop open a beer, and grab some spuds because Taters don’t get any better than this…! Print the recipe: http://bbqpitboys.com/recipes/potato-bombs



  1. YEAH BOYYYYY ! Can't wait to try em. They look like the berries man. Wish I could smell those fuckers. Great background music also. Bacon, that shit is MAGIC .

  2. Looks like Russian F1 hand grenade to me . Grenade and that potato 🥔 have one thing in common both items messy and 🍖 meaty

  3. I had to do it with a chef blade so I didn't have the extra potato real estate to plug the hole on each end. So I creatively made tin foil plugs. worked perfectly thank you guys for real awesome brill

  4. It's sad. I'm the only in my house who eats the peal of the potato.

    So probably the only who would eat this lol

    Also. It needs a1 and Worcestershire sauce imo. (Probably spelt it wrong. Lol)

    But this is definitely in my list.

  5. Amazing! But the tunes are headbangin repetitive and waaay too full on for me. Cheers though, definitely going to make this! My husband will be 🤤👌🏼💑