In this video, you will learn how to make glutinous rice kebab. It’s a very popular dessert in the Philippines but, it’s so easy to make anyone can try it for themselves. I will list the ingredients later.



  1. Get a life guys, perfectionist kayo masyado. Eh ung english spoken countries dont even care about the grammar or accent kyo makapanlait wagas , crab mentality as it's best, filipino is the worst

  2. Not yet ready your caramel but you put in already the glutinous rice, mush be dry not watery, so the sugar can taste every single you bite.

  3. This gentleman's diction is better than mine and I have been in Canada for 50 years.Thank you sir for sharing. Fantastic! Bravo!

  4. i dont get why you need to roll it to a ball then squish it again so you could add the coconut. cant you just put the coconut in when it was flat then roll to a ball